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New Article - Passing the Torch


I just wrote this for TNation and hope some of you read it. You will understand more about the program, or at least how I coach/teach.


"Before every set, I make sure everyone is fully aware of pushing each rep hard and as fast as possible, but under total control and mastery of the lift.

Two things that Darren taught me in training and in the discus were to be methodical and "slow is fast." The lifts have to be done violently but under total emotional and physical control.

The lifter must also own the weight, not the other way around. "Control is strength!" is something I say over and over again. By being under total control, the lifter invariably moves the weight faster without really trying.

This energy is always more powerful than if the lifter screams and spazzes out during each rep. I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and this all starts with being mentally ready and focused for each and every rep.

The teaching of these mental techniques doesn't really come into play until we try for personal records or shoot for a rep goal. That's when a lifter is uncomfortable and his body will want to shut down.

By being relaxed and under control, he'll learn to fight through this without throwing a punch. This is what I strive to teach: Control under pressure or while being uncomfortable."



That's a beautiful article. Very inspiring and excellent read. Thanks for that.


Great article.

Your writings are always worth reading, there is always much more than just training. I think, or at least hope,that you're passing things from your life philosophy/training values to a wider audience than many of us can imagine.



This is a great article. I started training my 17 year old son this year and mentoring some kids at the local Y. I have been teaching them the principles of good form and getting strong by progressing on the "Big 4" and of consistency in the gym. I think I may try to incorporate your "Viking Day" into our routines on Saturday mornings.


Gracias senor. Great stuff, especially regarding the focusing. I didn't realize until relatively recently, that getting all psyched up led me to inconsistencies. I do much better trying to be as calm as Hindu cows. I'll give that finger thing a shot.

Sweet program too btw, may give it a shot somewhere down the line.


Fantastic article, especially for anyone involves in coaching younger generations.

Thanks, Jim.


"Having a strong body, at least how we define it here, isn't about deadlifting 800 pounds, but by being physically better today than you were yesterday."

This also was a great point in the article, constantly improving oneself. Thanks for doing what you do!


nice portal reference


Good stuff Jim, I like the direction your writing has gone the last few years. The Viking Day is awesome too, kinda do something like it myself. Keep up the great work!


I think you might be 1 out of 4 people that noticed that. It's my version of "tape trading."