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New Approach to Cutting Gun Crime



What does everyone think? I know they tried similar things to cut knife crime in the UK with mixed results.


That article doesn't explain the process they use. Anything else on it?


yea the links in that article dont work, whats ceasefire?

they mentioned violence preventions, is this Guardian Angels?


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Nothing new about it. Education is always better then the punishment mentality. Punishment is not a deterrent. Teaching the person to want to not do something is infinitely more affective and humane.

It's like my beef with seat belts and motorcycle helmet laws. They should not exist. People should always be educated to make the right choice, not intimidated into it.


One of the alleged success stories in reeducation is Homies Unidos in LA. Interestingly, the CEO Alex Sanchez, a [former] MS-13 gang member was arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to commit murder.

"[i]Mike "Cubano" Garcia, 64, a former Boyle Heights gang member who runs a gang program at White Memorial Medical Center, said the charges against Sanchez erode confidence in programs such as his.

"People start wondering, 'Man, are all these guys crooked?' " Garcia said.[/i]"


Despite the fine work of Homies, in LA there are estimated to be over 400 gangs with 39,000 members.



"Violence gets transmitted the same way as other communicable diseases, so we train 'violence interruptors' to prevent escalation," says Gary Slutkin, founder and executive director of CeaseFire.

bold for emphasis. Epic name.


A novel approach. Prevent people from wanting to commit violence, rather than legislate against the tools they might use to commit it. I approve.

Any approach that deals with the occidit, and not the occidentis telum, is a step in the right direction.


Do you live in the same modern world I live in? If education itself worked we would have no drunk driving accidents, no one would smoke cigarettes and no one would commit a violent crime. Education is part of it, but it is not the whole answer.