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New appetite for construction

Hey jb… is the new one coming out soon.??. i love em so much!

FYI- If you like John’s column, be sure to check out the upcoming paper mag. John’s column will appear there too, but it will be original not-seen-on-the-web material (as are all of the columns for the paper mag- Heavy Metal, Gang of Five, Strasseroids etc.)

thanks for the props spence…yeah, the new print mag has some good appetite stuff. we’re also working on some cool new articles for the very near future. in addition, im writing a new appetite column in a week or so. ive been busy lately.

Can I buy the T-Mag print version at “Borders” or any other newstand type store. I live in northern N.J.
and am dying to read the current issue!!!

JB…my man, quit making excuses! You call working towards your PhD, studying balls to the wall day and night, running awesome, demanding experiments, training yourself like a freak, training clients/athletes to higher levels, dieting to get shredded and just about everything else under the sun busy??? Gimme a break, big guy! You should be writing at least two articles a week. I’m just bustin’ your chops, big guy! Ya know we all love ya here and it’s been great seeing you around so much lately. Looking forward to all the great new info in the paper and online mags. We’ll all be interested in hearing about the results of your PhD studies, exams, dieting and of course buffet and splurging excursions!

It is a shame international web-readers miss out on the paper-only articles :frowning:

I second that Big Bruva- any ideas when the mag will be shipped to Australia. We have a distributor here - but he can’t get hold of the magazines.

Why don’t you guys purchase subscriptions? Chris, we do sell subs overseas, don’t we? (Now I ask, after I open my big mouth).

The paper mag is becoming more available in book stores as it tested very well with Barnes and Nobles. Supplement stores and gyms that carry Biotest will probably carry the mag as well. The best bet is to just subscribe so you’ll get VIP status, a free T-shirt and a free poster. You can subscribe by clicking on the Biotest ad above.

Not sure what the status is on international subscriptions, but anyone outside the US or Canada can call 719-473-5500 for info.

Random - Australia has a Biotest distributor? That is news to me.

Big Bruva - Yes he is located in Perth about 10 minutes from where I live. The store is called Bodyperformancegear and if you follow that up with a dot com, you can see their website. I’ve been annoying them for the past 6 months to get the mag in, so I’m guessing they are annoyed with me by now. But if you put some pressure on them - they might move their asses.

Chris - any word about those subscriptions?