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New and Up-to-Date Diet and Training Advice

Right now I am just looking for something new. I am starting a cut and I need a solid new program to try, I am getting bored with my old one and am seeing less and less results with each successive cut.

I have tried several diets, most successfully the anabolic diet. good results but not much energy for cardio. I am also looking for a different lifting program, just to mix it up a bit. If anyone here has used a good diet and training program combination in the past please let me know what it was, why it worked, and how you felt during your cut.

Thanks guys

Have you checked the following?


Yea I have looked through that…I am looking for input from people that have used different programs. Like I said I have used the AD to some awesome success…in the realm of cutting from 225 to 175 realativly quickly w/ minimal strength loss…

Needless to say I had a fairly high body fat percentage, my metabolisim does not allow for much muscle growth without a fair ammount of BF to come along w/ it. My problem lies w/ my job.

I am military with a job that requires a large ammount of extended cardio…nothing I can do about it so I need to find a cutting diet that will not hurt my ability to conduct cardio. I am not willing to sacrifice endurance for leaness…have you had any expericne with any of these programs that you could send my way? Thank you.