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New and Slightly Confused


I am new to this whole site and i am not exactly sure where to start. I have been lifting for a little while now and seen some slight improvement. However i am no where near where i want to be. I got into actually lifting weight when i saw pictures of Jamie Eason and read about her a little bit, I am starting to think her body type is totally unachievable for me!
i am not sure what i should do next. i know diet plays a HUGE roll in it all, but everything i read doesnt give any helpful information on how to slowly cut things out of a diet, goodies are an obvious but it seems like all everyone eats is chicken, fish, and eggs. I have tried that for about a week and it didn't last because i tried to stop eating things i love "cold turkey". any tips would help! Thanks!


What does your weekly workout plan look like - days, exercises, sets, and reps?

We may be able to tweak things to be even better, depending on what's what, but the fact that you're even lifting at all is obviously a good first step.

And just to be clear, how do you define "some slight improvement"? The weights you're lifting? What you weigh on the scale? How clothes are fitting? Some methods of tracking results are better than others.

Patience and consistency will play a huge part in reaching your goals.

Pardon my french, but that's bullshit.

Your profile says you're 5'6" and 148. Are those recent stats? (People are sometimes "creative" in their profile.) What kind of general shape are you in, honestly - a little muscle and soft, kinda pudgy, genuinely overweight and just starting to change.

Something like Jamie Eason's physique is 100% achievable, eventually, for a woman who decides to align her priorities, focus, training, and nutrition.

Jamie actually did an interview with T-Nation a long while back. Have a look:

Pauline Nordin is a coach and model with a similarly-awesome physique. Check out her interview here:

Notice any similarities in the advice they're both giving? :wink:

Try making changes in your nutrition plan gradually, so they eventually become habits, rather than trying to start a whole new and unfamiliar diet plan overnight.

I really like this article as a 28 day step-by-step plan for getting things in order:
Do each step exactly as it suggests, incorporating the next habit every two days, and you'll get there.


Some people will disagree but I think for the majority of people, making changes to your diet needs to be done in small steps.
There is a lot of conflicting advice out there but there are also things which are pretty simple. If there are things in your diet which you know are complete rubish the start by replacing that. Thats pretty obvious but so many people go asking diet advice but still arent following the stuff they know.

The previous post was great advice


As a genuine fat-guy fighting the battle of the bulge, with a lot of a success the past year, I can give you hint or two that worked for me...

1 - The two guys ahead of me are 100% right on. Take it slowly and steady..blah blah..win the race...

2 - While you are getting control of your sweet tooth start with little things like only having desert if you make it yourself. At the very least sweets shouldn't be more convenient than real food!

3 - Don't focus on what you 'can't' or 'shouldn't' eat. You don't care about those things. Your focus should be on what you "need to be eating" to reach your goals. You need protein and you need veg. Focus on getting those in. If you do get enough of those two there won't be much room for rice, potatoes or pudding.

4 - Eat more often. Honestly your "sweet tooth" will go away if your blood sugar stays stable. Cravings are not you friend.

5 - Fasted cardio - You aren't a body builder yet but what is good for them is great for you if you are overweight. Iron Radio had a great segment on metabolic inflexibility. People who are overweight, especially if they have carb cravings, often have very inefficient fat metabolism. Getting out of bed and going on 15-30 minute walk on an empty stomach will force your body to burn bodyfat. You don't care how many calories you burn per se. You care that your body knows how to burn fat efficiently. This one really helped me at first. I still try and do it once a week.


You're destined to failure. If you can't even make yourself eat right for a week you have no chance. Just quit everything cold turkey or forget about it. I know what I'm talking about because I quit smoking, drinking, marijuana and methadone on the same day and never looked back(or sleept for several years). If you want it bad enough you won't need to ask people for help to stop eating shit. You'll just stop...period.


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