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New and Looking for Help

im new and wanting to do a cycle rear alot of post and seem to have a handle on what im doing this is what i have

test prop 1 viale 100
test cyp 1 viale 100
mast 1 viale 100

was thinking of prop .50 ed 3 weeks
then test cyp 100 eod and mast eod for 4 weeks
hgc 250 twice a week week 1-7
arimidex .50 a day week 1-7

after that need some help on pct i will have clomin (or something)
but will need some help on amout and lenth of time to take

i will be usin hgc during need some help on amount and how often

also will be pct need a little help deciding what and how much

also i may be using arimidex .50 daily during the cycle

any help would be helpfull thanks

This is not the steroid forum, go to ‘off topic’ | ‘steroids’

This is the T-replacement forum. You can come back here if you damage your own ability to regulate your own hormones.

yes, use Arimidex during your cycle and PCT, then continue for a few weeks after at 0.5mg/week in divided doses.

hCG should be 250iu SC EOD.

There is good info here in the stickies. Everything else, go to the steroid forum.