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New and Imporved

Thanks to all yalls criticism i have narrowed down my plan to a more concise 5 days a week here it is

monday: non maximal leg day including front squats and full rom olympic squats, more reps than singles

tuesday: chest (session one of what ever is planned for that week) and shoulders for assistance

wed: deadlift, power clean, other back work, like kroc rows, pulldowns

thrus: off

Friday: Maximal leg day: powerlifting stance squat, alternate between high box and low box squats working on doubles and explosivenss

saturday: second chest session with triceps for assistance

sunday: off

let me know if this is any better from my 7 days a week program, give me some suggestions and one other thing when should i do biceps if at all? the focus of this as u can see is get my bench and squat up mostly squat cuz its my weakpoint

lifts are : bench-275
let me know thanks

This is just my opinion, but (if you wanted to) you could easily make this 4 days, giving you a little more rest. For example, you could easily move back work to either monday or tuesday and DL to friday.