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Just wanted to pass the news. I got an E-mail response from Dr. Dipasquale concerning some questions I have. He mentioned that he’s gonna be working on a new 300+ page Anabolic Diet book, updated and it will include information on training and periodization. Should be great. I know his Metabolic Diet is out, some of you werent that impressed. But I think the info really is great overall, although if you already own the Anabolic Diet like I do some of it is repetetive. But for a Newby or someone who doesn’t own it, it’s a great book. The book should be ready by the end of the summer, but the Metabolic Diet book was almost a year late, so who knows. Either way just wanted to let my fellow T-men know.

Music to my ears!!
I got his Meatbolic diet book, and was a little disappointed after having his ANABOLIC DIET for several years.
I gues I expected it to be an updated version of the ANABOLIC DIET, but as you pointed out it was more for the general public.
It’l be great to hear what the good doctor has to say about training and periodization.
Most of what I have read by him is dietary based, I’m sure he knows his stuff about training.
BTW I saw on another site the The ANABOLIC DIET is availible as a CD ROM/Video package. Wierd. I’d hate to read a whole book on computer screen.