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New Alpha Male and Carbolin 19


So, does the [awesome] new formulation of Alpha Male mean that a separate dose of Carbolin 19 will be physiological overkill and/or simply a waste of money?


Looking again, it looks like the new Alpha Male has 20mg of Carbolin 19, which is one pill. So, those who have been using it might want to continue but can drop the dosage of standalone Carbolin 19 if also using the new Alpha Male. Biotest gurus, let me know if I'm wrong. Thanks.


one thing to think about is, Alpha Male is to be cycled, and one might want to keep taking Carbolin 19 on the off days...


Well, depends if you go by the bottle recommendations. Cy and Tim have recommended taking Alpha Male continuously for up to 12 weeks. None of the 5 days on, 2 days off stuff. You could continue to take Carbolin 19 during a one to two week break from it, but I prefer a rest from all supplements. Myself though, I think I prefer to take Alpha Male for a month with a one to two week break while I would break from Carbolin 19 less frequently. So, the idea is a good one and still holds.


continuously(?)... where is this recommendation ? thanks.


It's been said often. I don't remember where exactly. But check the threads themselves. Or PM Cy if you wish


yep, found it easy...i guess i assumed each time i read it that he meant 12 weeks within the cycling parameters detailed on the bottle...

so then what's with the jump through hoops instructions on the bottle ?


I use Carbolin 19 practically every day; 2 pills a day. The new Alpha Male will enable me to receive the maximum dosage of 40 mg twice a day if I continue to take Carbolin 19 the way I've been taking it.

Simply, damn awesome.