New All-Time Raw Deadlift Record 1025lbs

Danny Grigsby, 140kg weight class, breaks Benedikt Magnesson’s 1015lb record set way back in 2011. Hook grip, sumo stance.


This is very cool. I love it.

However, i dont find records or champions very motivating lately. They are a different breed, different genetics. Its like comparing fish to human swimmers - whatever the fish do, does not mean shit to human swimmers.
What i would find super cool is that if i paid this guy for coaching and i would be able to lift the same weight he does. Or just add 200lbs to my own deadlift. Sadly, since most elite athletes are not knowledge based but are just genetic-based, its impossible, therefore as much as i love seeing this stuff, it does not really motivate or impress me anymore.

Yeah except he did a conventional deadlift instead of the easier sumo craze of late. I consider this apples and oranges but that’s just my opinion. Way more than I could ever do either way!

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His starting leverages after he took the slack out of the bar is insane

I suspect someone will exceed the 501kg deadlift record using a sumo stance. I don’t think it would be an official strongman record, as I don’t think sumo is allowed.

There’s no strongman rulebook in order for there to be anything allowed/not allowed. It’s always up to the individual promoter/competition. Sumo has been in strongman before.

But, consistently, it’s not a permitted style at the World Deadlift Championships. But it could always change.


No straps! Love it.

Sumo is easier for me. Is it easier for you?

I will say it is not easier for everybody. Some are stronger conventional, even after practicing sumo. I know guys that are 50-100 lbs stronger conventional than sumo and vice versa.

I say the one you are best at is fine to use in powerlifting where the goal is to lift as much as possible.

Now the nearly zero ROM benches we are seeing out of 120 lb female lifters, that is stupid.

If we are going to change something in powerlifting, I think this should be the target. Not saying you suggest we should get rid of sumo.

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This girl is one boob job away from finally achieving the first 0 ROM bench press world record.

/* Un-racks bar *
/* Re-racks bar *

(Round of applause everyone!)


I will go out on a limb and say we do. That or have separate classes for it. I think for the majority its was easier, but that’s just my opinion. It does lower the ROM similar to the bench you described. Yes, I also concur with you on those zero ROM benches.


This I am unsure of. I have competed in about 4 meets, and helped others in a couple other meets. It does seem about half and half on who does conventional and who does sumo. I don’t think too many are stronger sumo and compete conventional for honor or something. I do think there are a few that do that, but I would say maybe 60% or so are stronger sumo.

Powerlifting is already kinda silly. That banded bench shirt thing is just destroying the old geared shirt records. We have lifters at my gym that seem to spend half their time getting their gear on (they do separate geared and raw). I guess I have a long list of complaints about powerlifting, and sumo is far far down that list.

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I would definitely defer to you as you have more experience with that than I do!

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Greg Nuckols has a " Should You Deadlift Conventional Or Sumo?" article where he establishes that whether or not Sumo is easier for someone will be based on how his or her hips are built.

I think a zero ROM bench would probably be banned under the language of most rulebooks. Rule 4.3.9 of the USPA rules of performance on Bench says “Once the lift has begun, the lifter must lower the bar and hold it motionless on the chest or abdominal area with a definite and visible pause.” So there has to be some degree of lowering in a bench, even it’s very little.

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Way to make this topic go full powerlifting guys.


Still counts.

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I think hip geometry is probably pretty good at determining if one should wide stance squat or not. I think if most people could low bar squat with a wide stance, they would be stronger than with a narrow stance. But not everyone can do that.

With sumo, if your can’t get your hips open very much, then it ends up looking like a conventional deadlift with a wide stance.

I powerlifted a little prior to the use of gear.
I’d like to see some standardization to level yesterday power lifts to today’s huge accomplishments.

  • Back in the “old days” we used the same bar for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. That should be the standard.
  • There was no support gear used, apart from a 4" belt and knee wraps. For standardization there should be specifications for knee wraps. That includes no support suits or shirts. Just t-shirts and singlets (both that meets standard specifications.
  • Concerning range of motion in the bench press, maybe a chart needs established that corresponds the lifters arm span with a maximum grip width.
  • The sumo deadlift with a standard length bar would inherently limit the stance width. The collars on all deadlift bars I have seen is wider than typical bars.

Those who love gear would strongly disagree.

I little story of my first powerlift meet. The head judge was Harvey Newton, who I will never forget. He got us together at weigh-in. He had scissors with him. After weighing in he inspected all the gear we were going to use in the meet (shoes, suit, wraps, etc.) We had to roll out our wraps and Harvey Newton would cut off any length that exceeded the required maximum length. The only wraps available were Ace wraps. I bought brand new wraps for the meet. I told Harvey that mine were brand new. He said. “Roll them out.” And he proceeded to cut off all the length over the standard.


I very much respect how much skin you have in the game and how much you’ve contributed.

I will say I hold a far more “libertarian” view on powerlifting. I think everything should be legal and a competitor can choose what standard they want to hold themselves too.

You wanna go raw, no sleeves, no belt? Go for it! You want triple ply, 40 meter knee wraps, 2 belts? Hell yeah: you’re gonna look like you’re wearing a suit of armor: awesome!


I’ve heard of the old school guys stitching two pairs together to make a stronger wrap. Multiply knee wraps.

You would never get that past Harvey Newton

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