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New ALL TIME Deadlift World Record at 198

Andrey Belyaev pulls 860 at 198, I believe he did it raw as well. Pretty insane. Vince Anello reportedly did 880 in training but never hit that amount in a meet.

He made that look stupid easy too. Awesome lift there.

that looked so easy, especially after the first inches

His speed is just ridiculous!

900 lbs to come pretty soon. That takeoff was insane!

Wow. That sure looks like a singlet that he’s wearing. 900 at 198 would be crazy.

That was sick.

I have never seen anyone pick up that much weight that effortlessly. A stance that wide seems like it would be uncomfortable, but obviously it’s working pretty damn well for him.

I saw this last night and meant to post it. Are you sure it’s raw? I looked around briefly to see if it was raw or not but couldn’t really find anything. I know 2 years ago he hit 836 in single ply at a higher body weight, and now he’s destroying 860 in the 198’s, so maybe (?) this was done single-ply. Either way, huge respect toward this man.

Also, Konstantine Pozdeev pulled 404 kg at 110 kg at the same meet. It didn’t fly up like Belyaev’s did, but it wasn’t much of a grinder either.

mother of god. thats just ridiculous.

What is considered not raw when deadlifting? I know of bench shirts and what not but I have never heard of anything for DL.

A suit makes it ‘‘Geared’’.

Wow, he really DOES make that look stupid easy.

anyone knows how he trains?

[quote]shffl wrote:
anyone knows how he trains?[/quote]
i wanna say he used to get coached by sheiko but I might not be right.

Battle of the Champions is a raw competition, so there’s no suit there. Really incredible lift.

In interviews his coaches have stated he would pull much more if he didn’t have such small hands.

Uhm, was that a warm-up weight, or what? Amazing.

haha its been said that Balyaev would pull well into the 9s if he didnt have such small hands or was allowed to use straps. Incredible. Just plain incredible.

Yeah buddy. Light weight!

Wicked lift. Dude looks like a freaking tank!