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New. Advice to Gain Weight?

Im 24… Been little my whole life. Im 5’5 120 pounds on a good day. I wanna gain weight/muscle. I currently do not work out. When i say Im new to this, I mean very new. I wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to Dbol & Test, etc… Cycles and dosage advice would be great. All advice needed so all advice welcome!

No, just no.







________________(any number of other programs)

Don’t be stupid and do a cycle.



Dude, you’re literally at least 40 pounds and several years of experience away from even considering to start deciding to begin thinking about whether or not you should maybe start learning about how to run a cycle.

Lemme re-frame this situation to see if it clears up where you’re at:

“Hey guys, I’m 24, been single my whole life. I have 3 followers on Twitter, but I do follow Rhianna. I’m gonna shoot her a DM, see if she wants to hang out, maybe get dinner. Hoping get to third base by the end of the night. Any advice on how to word my message would be great.”

Skinny dude, do everything Usmc just posted. Stick with one plan for 8 weeks or until you’re 135 pounds, whichever comes first. Then look to make a change (in the training/nutrition, not AAS).

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NO !!!go Fuck yourself!! Put in some hard work for a few years than come back! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!! “Hey I dont know jack and shit on how to train…please give me advice on a drug cycle before I have even lifted my first weight!”

Seriously …you got to be Trolling ? No one with experience is going to give you advice on it at your level nor should they IMO

DAMN STRAIGHT!! @Chris_Colucci


Shit atleast I asked… Better than just jumpimg to it. But thanks everyone for your comments. I was being told the complete opposite from a guy who is tryna get me going on a cycle.

If the severity of the replies has shocked you, they are only there to serve as a warning. This is - beyond a doubt - a poor idea.
Like really poor.

Even amongst the enhanced guys I know of - general consensus is 4-5 years of good training and diet. Exhaust your natural gains or get close. Then look for help.
Doing it the other way ruins lifters. Ruins life’s.

I mean dude the first 18 months you didn’t need help anyway. Just lift, eat, sleep, repeat. You will grow and get stronger quicker than you realise.

BTW - the guy trying to get you to cycle might know a bit, but the combined knowledge of this forum is pretty much exhaustive. Trust the guys in here.

And yes it’s great you asked, but it would be even better if you listen.

If you want help picking a program, I’ve run Texas and a 5/3/1. Both are excellent.


That guy is a shithead and not your friend.

People might come across harsh here sometimes but are usually very helpful. You can make massive progress using the info on this site as long as you’re willing to crush it in the gym