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New Ads From Google On The Forum

I always came back again and again to tnation and the forums because it was never plastered with random ad-cklicks etc. Now I see google ads running in the forum.

I know it’s not free to run a forum this size, but please be careful of not having people disappear from the forums because of going down that line. It might be doing a disfavour to yourself in the future.

It’s your choice of course, but I’d recommend to think it over again.

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Have you seen how ridiculous some of the other BBing type forums look with serious ad-wallpapers going on?

This is the last thing I would think pople would complain about considering all of the free (actually usable and quality) info that’s provided on a regular basis here.


Ya, it’s like 1 banner ad, not a big deal… This shit isn’t free.

I have seen how ridiculous they other sites look. Hence…
All I’m saying is be careful of the slippery slope. I did not complain about it, I recommended against it. There’s a difference, so please stop the knee-jerk.

Why is it needed now all of a sudden? I mean, if you want a way to make money it could at least be a useful way-- there is a supplement shop attached to this, is there not? NO ONE intentionally clicks on those ads if you have been using the internet in the last decade. It is money generated off of accidental clicking.

I think it makes the forums look cheap, tacky and unofficial. As if there isn’t enough funds in the budget to provide a simple internet forum… that is the message I get at least.

I can think of several strength related forums the are not littered with Google ads.

I just saw the Planet Fitness ad. Hilarious!