New ab routine...

Just finished Christian’s Ab workout #2, the one with 3 supersets. Enjoyed it but didn’t see a whole lot of improvement since I’m bulking. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Anyways, I need a new one now. Any special recommendations from you guys? I’m currently running Superstrength and Limping Legs, I was thinking about going all out King and doing his abdominal plan, unless you guys have some sort of awesome workout.

Have you tried incorperating Thib’s Mega Shoulder Glider 2004 into your trunk/ab routine? Its an awesome movement. You try that, the next day you’ll be sore as hell in your trunk area. Its a mainstay in my routine. If you don’t have a protein cover you can use a frizbee or a thick hand towel (thats what I use). A varaition that I came up with is side walking. Walk sideways then swing you’re legs back to center repeat in the other direction. This intensifies the workout and hits your trunk from another angle.

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Ian King puts together some great programs, LL, but I’ve done CT’s ab program, and it go me some darn impressive results in pretty short order. Just be sure to give your diet the attention it deserves, and whatever program you choose will get you good results.

Heck, you know the way it is, LL. Those kids with ultra low BF percentages that have killer abs, even though they’ve never done a crunch in their life? Don’t you just hate 'em? (grin)

You could try Mike robertson’s ab article, I think it’s called: 21st century core training - works really well.

I’ve incorporated a lot of coach davies core strength exercises in my program and I have seen my lifts start to go way up as I get stronger.

LL maybe you aren’t getting the results you are looking for (ripped abs) from doing CT’s ab routine, but you are getting strong abs that will benefit you tremendously in many sports and in your lifting. So keep up the good work :slight_smile:
Btw when you lean out again you’ll have all the more impressive abs because they will be superbly developed under the tiny layer of fa that is covering them now.

Glad to see that you are so keen to do some good exercises. The most overlooked core section is the transverse abdominus (the body’s own weight belt). EMG studies have shown that this muscle is activated before any movement of the extremity. What are you training for, looks or function? If you are trainining for function then there should be performing exercises to target the lower abs and transverse abdominus (ta) muscules. You should even deliberately activate the ta muscle prior to lifts such as squats, deadlifts, rows, lunges etc. diaphraghmatic breathing coupled with ta activation will lower pressure on the l4 and l5 disks from between 16 and 36% (from memory). Coaches routine is for functional abs, but doesn’t address what I have mentioned. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just trying to show you that there are different exercises you can perform for functional abs, if that is what you are wanting.

Coincidentally, I actually do contract my abs before DL and squats, although simply because I thought it helped, not because I’d read anything about it. I read berardi’s rant about the er… forget the name, the belt thing. Transversus abdominus, I think. I forget. The guy right above me posted it, but i’m forgetting now.

Anyways, I tried out those CT shoulder glider 2004 things, pretty entertaining except I lack the space to do it. I tried it out on the road, but the asphalt is too rough to get the disc to move over. In case anyone else is looking to do those, a lid for a laundry bucket also works well. Maybe I’ll just have to man up and work with the extra resistance. Like TC said, don’t let the balls go the way of the appendix.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go with King’s routine.