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New 60m PR! Thanks to Westside

Alright don’t laugh but I just improved my 60m time by almost 1/2 a second after 4 months and I put it all down to increased posterior chain strength due to Westside Barbell training.

I ran 8.05 sec on dec 31st and today I ran 7.61. OK I know this is slow but I was running half-marathons this time last year.

I didn’t practice sprints at all in between, just powerlifting, so it must be due to increased leg strength, especially my hams. Really felt my hams kicking in as well, before I could feel it more in my quads.

congrats on pr!

Good work man, congrats. What type of strength increase are we looking at here to produce these results?


lucky you didn’t pull a hammie, from going all out all of a sudden :slight_smile:

I would be wise to ease back into it.

Well went from a 60kg 132lb GM to a 90kg 198lb (weak back!). Deadlift 160kg (353lb) to 200kg (440lb), Squat 142.5kg (313lb) to 165kg (363lb). Reverse Hypers 30kg (66lb) x10x3 to 90kg (198lb) x10x3.

you are right of course but enthusiasm takes over sometimes. Feeling it today, tight achilles and tight hammies. Should hit worst at 48hr mark!

are you training your 60m for track or just for you?
you can take another 1/2 second or more off that time by working on your start and mechanics
keep up the lifting as every sprinter I ever knew, including myself, had exceptionall strong legs, abs and surprisingly back and shoulders
keep the running and stretching going as most athletes tend to forget that a flexible and loose sprinter moves much faster than a tight and rigid sprinter.

just 2 cents from an old high school and college sprint coach


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Well I’m trying to run 400’s for my MMA/boxing but since I was at the track
I was curious to see if the strength gains translated into speed, so I chucked in a 60m and then a second to double check. I was a bit shocked at the result. Might test my vert soon.

If you want any sugestions on running variations that will have you heaving but build you up like a locamotive, let me know.

At my stature at 17 I was an atypical 400 meter runner…but I had a sadist for a 400m coach. He turned me from a beer induced, overweight 145 running a :59 quarter into a ‘wirey’ 130# :51 quarter runner…there was much puking and crying involved from point A to B.

I used a lot of the same practices as a coach of a non scholarship college mens team in Virginia.

Thanks for the offer, but I think I’m along way off needing anything more advanced yet. Just using them to develop lactic threshold, my legs just seize up after the 2nd rep and I definitely know that puking feeling!

Nice work man. Congrats on pr!


Bravo on the 400s…the race that seperates the men from the insane men :slight_smile: