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New 53 Y/O, Learning about TRT


Thank you and Nashtide for the feedback.

I’ve reduced AI to .05mg and T is at 50mg E3D. It has been 2 shots now and joints are feeling much better. The low E2 sucks ass. I will work to stay out of that place!

Did the iodine load in early June for 3 weeks and my temps did come up nicely from high 96s to 97.8+ for mornings and 98.6s in the afternoons. Have been monitoring the morning temps ever since. They have stayed consistently at 97.8 +/- .1. Sad to say I did monitor the afternoon temps. Since last feedback (8-10 days) my afternoon temps have not gotten above 98.3. Guess I didn’t load up enough?
Last time I used the Lugol’s liquid, I since gotten some Iodoral tablets (12.5mg).
I should be able to do another load cycle (per the references).
I’ve been taking 1/2 a tablet of the Iodoral for a few weeks now.

Should I just up ramp it up to 4 tablets for that next few weeks? Of course I’ll monitor the temps.

I’ve read through the stickies and not sure why my afternoon temps went down. Will reading more. My internet is a bit slow here so my internet experience has not been happy lately.

I will be giving blood next week and will find out how often they’ll let me.
Still working on labs for here in Europe. Worst case, I get them in Nov when I go home for holidays.

With my past adrenal issues, I understand that things become abit more complicated. Life has been stressful the few months with travel and my move. I’m working hard on the mental part and reducing the stresses where I can.

Last Labs were right at half way point. Would like to go back to 2X week eventually. Just easier, I like the routine better. (Which leg did I stick last time…:slight_smile: ) Comic relief…don’t hate me…

As always Thanks and any suggestions are welcome keep up the good work guys.

Your body temperatures and metabolism have improved. You should not be doing high dose iodine long term. The term is replenishment. After that it is a maintenance dose. Getting perfect body temperature results is not always going to happen. Perhaps rT3 is causing some issues, more iodine will not fix that.

Thanks, So I’ll stay with they maint dose on the iodine and continue the protocol till next labs in Nov.

I’m donating blood this week and again in 8 weeks as I’m told.

I’m not sure what to do about the rT3.

Will keep working out and stay the course till next labs. I will keep reading and ask more questions as they come up. :wink: