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New 50 Cent




"I might have crack in my ass crack"... such talent.


50 Cent fucking blows.


This is better than a lot of the shitty dance-rap crossover stuff he was trying the last few months, that's for sure. Better rapping than 50 normally puts out, pretty decent song overall. Hopefully he does more songs like this instead of sounding awkward as hell over "Like a G6" rip off beats.

50's career is pretty underrated at this point. Sure, he was never a great MC but for a few years there any project he was involved in was at least a good album, and his Get Rich or Die Trying is an amazing record if it wasn't a classic. He's also one of the best hook singers ever in hip hop; he's up there with Nate Dogg and them. That and he had a gritty understated style that was under appreciated amidst the complaints of him watering down gangsta rap.

He's probably not going to make it back to where he was, though. I mean, when you really think about it, the only rappers who have really survived trends changing in the way rap sounded, are Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West. And two of those guys are two of raps greatest producers, and had that advantage--they were good enough to have changed production trends on their own. So that leaves Jay-Z and Eminem. That's it. I can't see 50 joining them.


He needs to just hang it up.


tough to compare him to guys like rakim, mos, black thought, krs 1, guru...

or 2nd row guys inspectah deck, pharoahe monch...

mainstream guys like LL, Dre, Jay Z...

larry david is right though, his early shit had some good tracks, quite a few w/ good hooks. they were bullshit but he put some feeling into them. haven't listened to the above track yet, i'll listen but to lazy to reply. what i'll likely say is - some good lines, nice flow, good hook. i hope it's better than all the commerical bs i here lately.

for the record, just because...some guys like some lil' wayne stuff. FUCK THAT GUY.

Edit**** listened to like one bar, fuck that shit, here i'll save the this thread w/ a monster!


here is one more off a great album.


and a bit of country...


one more...then we can go back to GGGGGG UNIT.

sorry to clutter your thread, just home after legs tonite, eating listening to tunes.


Why the fuck does a thread about 50 Cent have country music in it?


I enjoy 50 cent.. I also enjoy other rap artists..

why the fuck does shit like this always turn into a pissing contest.. does the human brain have to one up each other? or can we mentally only conceive of the best rapper.. and not just respect each for their own merits..


I think it is clear many of the people responding don't even listen to this genre of music much. I am still trying to figure out why shit like this always happens, but only with Hip Hop. I SERIOUSLY doubt the next thread about Kenny Rogers will be filled with Jay-Z youtube vids.

That shit has never made sense.

Why do they leap forward to comment on shit they don't even follow closely?


Not a bad track. I can actually train to it. And dude has been around for a hot minute. Can't call it luck.


Alright, Old Man. Stop right there!! You're utilizing what's known as common-damn-sense, and you know it's all too uncommon around these here parts!


look. i already personally apologized to the OP for throwing vids on his thread, it was late after training last night and i was up eating and listening to music.

Point to why there is country on this thread...if you cannot see how country and hip hop are very similar in theme and how they make the listener feel passionate about commonalities in social justice, value systems, and very basics of the human condition then you don't know fucking hip hop at all.

most music we love, be it Johnny Cash to Wu Tang, stands up against things that we see and know to be unjust or wrong and/or they just generally address the beauty in the human spirit.

I hope the commment on "people not understanding hip hop" wasn't sent my way because honestly...yup i added a country song or two but it was to illustrate the point of commonality. the MC's a mentioned above in my post guru, mos, black thought, krs 1 ARE ARTISTS...50 is not an artist PERIOD. i did say i enjoyed some of his early shit but he is not in the same league as others mentioned. thie track above blew imo, couldn't listen to more than 2 bars.

if i start a country thread X please come and put some hip hop in, just don't post any weak ass watery lil' wayne or Digital Underground "Humpty Dance" bullshit. here i'll add another track just to fucking save folks from having to come in here and listen to 50's garbage track.

as for this track...well, you can even find good hip hop down south, underneath all the shiny trash like lil' wayne and lil geezy you can find gems like this...

***shit music is on the radio and we accept it as art, fuck all that.


Gang Starr - the epitome of true gentlemanly hip-hop..

Speaking as somebody who used to be all about that MF Doom, Sage Francis, Analog Brothers, "underground" hip-hop nonsense, I've found that I really do enjoy a lot of the shit on the radio from 50 Cent to Tupac (take that Digital Underground alumni over Biggie any day) to early Cash money and DMX..

Some people are just trying too hard.. if I wanted to jerk off my hip hop aficionado dick, I'd just blast Bus Driver and Kool G Rap videos over every thread even remotely related to hip-hop, but it's still not relevant to the discussion.. for the record, I'll still listen to some oddball shit like a friend recently turned me onto Tyler the Creator and I like his style (though I am not too into the hipster hip-hop movement being a little biased in that I prefer rappers with credibility)


thanks for that mickeygee...the last 10 secs "bo boob bboo....is great." Fuck i'm going to piss all ove this mother fucker now, i already apologized to the OP, sent flowers, etc.

bitch just let me pee on you. I've been referencing pee a lot lately....


Mickey drop a few more for me to check out...grew up as teen/kid w/ hip hop...left it for years now i enjoy it again...this guy is like the 37th chamber...


Oh christ, this thread was about 50's new song/album, not "Let's see how much backpack rap we can cram in one place."

I fucking hate backpack rap, yes, I like mainstream shit and I don't give a fuck about it.

And, 50's new song is better than his recent stuff I thought. Not on the level of "Get Rich" but closer than the last ones were.


Agree with this big time.