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New 5/3/1 for Powerlifitng


Anyone read Wendler's new 5/3/1 book geared towards powerlifting? If so, how was it?


There was a thread about a month back about it, my thoughts were pretty much the norm here: If you are, or want to do 5/3/1, just get it. If you are new to powerlifting (life myself) definitely get it.


awesome. thanks!


I don't even do 5/3/1 and I'm happy I got both the original the one for powerlifting. Good stuff in there.


Just buy the damn book.


I did read it and it's very good. Well worth the money.


Got it last night. Very good read. The beginning is the same, but there is a ton of new material. thanks for the input everyone.


Is 5/3/1 for Powerlifting for raw lifters? I need to know before I decide to buy it. The table of contents mentions gear.

Table of Contents

A Declaration
5/3/1 Training
5/3/1 for Powerlifting: An Overview
Off-Season Training
Pre-Meet Training
Meet Preparation Training
N.O.V. Powerlifting
Training for the Non-Competitive Powerlifter
Old Man Winter: Training for Mr. Gray Pubes
Assistance Work
To Pause or Not to Pause: The Bench Press
Using Knee Wraps
Box Squats vs. Free Squats
Choosing a Shoe
Squatting in Gear
Benching in a Shirt
Deadlifting in a Suit
Rich T. Baggins Squat Cycle
Circa Max Training for the Squat
Your First Powerlifting Meet
Meet Checklist
100 Questions Answered


haven't read it myself but i believe i read on elitefts that wendler mentioned it was for raw and equipped


It contains basic equipment info with training cycles for both raw and equipped lifting as well as some tips for raw and equipped meets.


Yup both!


Wait.... can I do a couple DE days, as well as some reverse grip curls, and do 3 max lifts on my 5/3/1 day for my 5/3/1 program?

Just kidding


Thanks for the replies.