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New 5/3/1 Book?

Any ETA on when the new book will be dropping? Looking forward to it a lot.

Being sent to editing this week - have to commission a cover and proof the programs. So some time in next two months or so. It’s a huge book and by far…by FAR, the most extensive book I’ve written and (I think) the ultimate guide to programming all facets of training in a common sense manner.


Awesome. Thanks for the reply

Will the new book be available as a hard copy?

Is it a requirement to have read the previous books before getting this? I.e. does it reference templates/workouts from the previous without giving the specifics?

The book will be in Kindle and hard copy. There will not be a “typical” ebook.

Yes, you need to know the 5/3/1 program to understand this book. I go over, in depth, the principles and every single aspect of a complete training program and how to program each component in about 75 different programs. But I didn’t want to put the entire original book in this book . One must also have a basic understanding of training is a requirement. I don’t go over what a “set” or “rep” is.

Cheers Jim, duly noted

Sounds good. I bought Beyond 5/3/1 for Kindle when it was released and I was thinking about grabbing the hard copy now too. I look forward to the new one.

Do you know what the price will be and where it’ll be available (Amazon for the Kindle, obviously. Will they have the hardcovers as well) @Jim_Wendler?

Not sure on price - it’ll be affordable as usual. It’ll be available in hardcover and Kindle.