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New 5/3/1 Book


Jim when's the new material coming out?


almost daily. on his forum.


Haha yea thanks I know, this forum is an awesome source, I'm here almost daily and can piece together all his workings from this forum and the articles and prior e books or can go scalp free off Internet but Jim should be compensated for his contributions.

Following the trends in posts would be interesting to see if the next release focuses on cycling the protocols for year round training. If I remember correctly I heard rumblings in prior chains from Wendler that new material was coming.


I'm excited for his new material to come out- Can't wait!


NO. on HIS forum


New book will be done this year - it was originally going to be just Lifer but we are putting the From Average to Athlete stuff in there.


@Jim_Wendler - Any update on this? Would love to support/buy another one of your products- and thanks for sharing as much of yourself on these forums as you do.


still working on the new book - this will cover all long term programming and leave no stone unturned regarding main work, supplemental work, speed, power, conditioning, recovery and how to fit it all into the program. And it's incredibly simple to follow.


thanks- looking forward to it. Will just rinse/repeat until then on 5/3/1.


Paperback/Hardcover version also, or just E-book?


Paperback and Kindle. No ebook


Do you have any estimate when the book will be published?



Any update on the release? Hoping for an awesome stocking stuffer.


A festive release would be my main event.