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New 30-06. Suggestions


I'm in the market for a new bolt action rifle(30-06). It would be used for target and hunting. Right now i'm looking at the Remington 700BDL as I have heard this is one of the best for the money. I'm just wondering if anyone has an suggestions or personal experience with the 700BDL, or has any recommendations of a better gun for under $1000.

Thanks for the help.


http://www.savagearms.com/116fhsak.htm around 800-900 bucks and a fucking amazing gun. If you have never pulled one of the accutriggers I suggest you go to a gun shop and try one out, they are like fucking butter (lightest trigger pull I have ever had on ANY gun.) and amazing to shoot.


Why are you sold on the 30-06?


Don't hate on the .30-06. Sure it is a long action, but it is also a SUPER common cartridge and a large handloading knowlegde base. Not to mention that one of the greatest arms ever made is chambered in the .30-06, the M1 Garand Caliber .30. The OP is also in Canada where I am going to bet ammo availability is an issue.

During the early part of the year, .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag were on the shelves at Wal-mart while all the .308 and .223 was out of stock.

Are you sold on Remington? I have personally been looking at the Stevens 200 in .30-06 and then bed and stiffen up the stock, free float the barrel, trigger job (basically a non-accutriger Savage 110), and save the rest of my budget for the optics. Do a search on groups people get out of Stevens 200, they are impressive for such a cheap gun and leaves more $$$ for optics.


Thanks for the help guys.

The 30-06 because yes, it is extremely common, and because the 30-06 cartridge being produced in so many different size/weight bullets making it, from what I hear, the most versatile cartridge out there.


are you sold on the bolt action? my brother had the 750 woodmaster and loved it. great firing gun. I'm no expert on this stuff I shoot skeet, just curious about the bolt action.


Ya, I'm pretty sold on the bolt action just because of reliability, accuracy and simplicity


Holy shit, that's what a new Savage goes for? Shows you how long it's been since I've bought a long gun...


I have the 740 woodmaster and it is a nice shooting gun, but seems heavy as hell. I still find myself going back to my model 94 winchester whenever I find I have to walk any distance.