New 3 Day/Week Schedule. High Volume, Medium Intensity


What do you guys think about running this 3 day Full body?

Day 1
Squat 5PRO + widowmaker
Bench 5 x 5 75% TM
100 chin up
45 incline db press
50 lunges
Farmer carry 4 x 25 m

Day 2
Light Conditioning

Day 3
Deadlift 5PRO + FSL 5 x 3
Press 5PRO + FSL 5 x 5
Kroc Rows 4 sets amrap
Tricep pushdown 4 x 15-25
Farmer carry 4 x 25m

Day 4
Mobility / Light conditioning

Day 5
Squat 5 x 5 75% TM
Bench 5 PRO SSL 3 x 5
100 chin up
50 dips
50 split squats
Farmer Carry 4 x 25m

Day 6


Interested in thoughts of this as well, I’m thinking of similar but with the OHP and bench swapped. This is because my ohp is slowest to move and easier to recover from. I like the BtM template but that seems to be a short term programme and I’m just out of rookie gains.

Also I’ll be climbing so taking out the chins. I was basing mine of the full body beyond template. Ain’t got forever due to postage to UK so don’t know if something similar is in that.

This is NOT Kroc Rows.

I’m running a routine very similar to yours, and i like it so much!
The only differences are that i use the normal 5/3/1 progressiojn for the main lift, that i use a bench variations on day 1, such as close grip bench or floor press, and insert a light front squat session in day 2 before deadlifting.

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You asked for validation, didn’t get the answer you wanted, leaving in a huff.

Look in the mirror a little closer. Re read what you wrote. The answer will come to you eventually.


It isn’t helpful to get yourself worked up because someone didn’t act/reply they way you wanted them to.

Candito is running a different business model to Jim, don’t be surprised if that means they engage you differently. And for accuracy, his programs aren’t free, he expects you to pay something when you begin using them. Again, there’s nothing to be gained by letting this work you up.

Jim and John are different people with different personalities. If you can deal with being spoonfed and with having to do some thinking for yourself, you’ll be better for it.


I looked up this Candito lots of young guys seem to be referencing, Is he super strong for his age/weight -he’s practically a 12yo kid :upside_down_face: not being facetious just am I missing something?

Haha He was a podium finisher (second?) in IPF (?) world’s as a junior. I believe he held the junior deadlift record in that federation. He’s generally been injured since.

Seems a genuinely nice guy.

Ok cool, if he competes seriously I guess thats something