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New 3 Day Split, Is It OK?


Hey guys
After looking around at a few 3 day splits i have come up with this one, can you see if i have made any glaring mistakes?

----DB Overhead Press
----DB Lateral Raise
----Cables raises (Not sure on the name)
----BB Upright row with wide grip behind head
----BB Curls
----Preacher Curls
----DB Curls
----Overhead Tricep Extension
----Cable pull downs

----DB Incline Press
----DB Fly
----DB Bench press
----BB Bench Press
----BB Incline Bench Press
----Lat Pull down
----Bent over row

----Leg Press
----Stiff Leg Deadlift

So that's about it.
Unfortunately have to have legs on a Friday at the moment due to rugby training on Tuesday and Thursday but when the season kicks in i will have to swap it around so its not right before Saturday.

Thanks in advance


WTF is this? Why don't you put a rear delt exercise such as BD bent-over fly or facepull?

Use a hammer grip on DB curl; I'd add dips for triceps, if you can do them painless.

Why so many (redundant) exercises for chest? I'd do:

  • BB flat (or incline) press
  • DB incline (or flat)
  • DB/cable fly or peck deck

Rack pull are probably a better choice for back, instead of full range Deadlift.

You need more hamstrings work; do GHR if your gym has the machine. If not, do some natural GHR (google it) or leg curls.


I would do Jim Wendler's 5/3/1, great results with fewer exercises :wink:


Are you training for rugby, sports, bodybuilding?? Knowing that would make a difference in how one would critique your setup.


We can't give you advice if we don't know your goals.


Sorry guys, i am training for rugby which i guess means strength over size and shape.


Then, you do this.


Defranco's Built like a Badass is pretty much perfect for rugby. 5/3/1's a good choice as well


Can you explain why you believe this? I'm not against what you said, but I've been curious about this for a long time.


^ I like to think about rack pulls like board presses: the triceps are worked in that position because the chest has more of an advantage in that ROM. Same thing with rack pulls, the hams and quads aren't all stretched out so the the back does most of the work. Also because the prime movers (chest bench, hams/glutes/erectors in DL) are at an advantage you can often use a higher load than the full range movement, which can help you get used to higher loads and tax the secondary muscles more (like the upper back in the deadlift)

Hope that helps dude


kennyken, I also must ask why you are training for vanity if you are an athlete?


That makes a lot of sense trav thanks. I've always felt rack deads in my upper back more, but I just didn't understand why.


What trav123456 wrote.

Also, I only feel DL in my hamstrings, glutes and lower back, but not that much in lats and mid/upper back.


I agree with the Built Like a Badass idea, ive been using it while doing a lot of sprint work and have felt not felt burnt out during the sprints.