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New 3 Day Program, What Do You Think?

I created this new programming, mixing different elements of 5/3/1.
What could be corrected or improved?

You have percentages next to RDL’s, Bulgarian split squats, DB incline presses…did you max out on those lifts? I wouldn’t pick weights that way. I’d just do 5x10 or whatever and just gradually increase weight. I didn’t even think you can really max out on split squats.

Have you given any though to following one of the MANY 3 day programs Jim Wendler himself has already made?

It is a kind of “experiment” that I realized. I tried the first day today, but there is too much volume and it is very expensive in energy.
I think we should “cut” a lot from this. I saw some three day template. Some advice?

Why not just use one of the many many 5/3/1 programs already out there?

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as I said, it’s a test I wanted to do, putting together different elements of Jim’s 4 books. Anyway I will definitely return to the already created templates.

For one that is a beyond absurd amount of volume. I’m not gonna go with the generic use a prewritten program answer bc you’ve already decided you know better. Drop it to 2 big barbell lifts or supplementals per day. Also trap bar deads suck except as a ME move when doing conjugate. Ditch the calf junk and do abs.

If you want to do a 3 day with loads of volume, just do Building the Monolith mate

before throwing away the experiment, I want to try to correct and improve it. Surely one of the problems is too much volume, which leads to a garbage volume.
I could reduce assistance work or reduce the volume of BBBs. I liked the idea of ​​recalls of exercises performed not on the same day. Maybe I should better select these exercises and not do the 5x10.

Youre doing this wrong. Start with lower volume and build it up slowly.

So a volume progression during the cycles? Starting, for example, without BBB and adding it later? You know I don’t remember reading it in the 4 books, or maybe I didn’t understand. Could you give me a model extension based on this?

If you’re trying something new, like your own programming within the 5/3/1, start too light and progress slow. So yes. 5x5 FSL for the first cycles and then increase if you can. Use just general rep/set schemes for assistance so you can play with it a little.

ok it’s clearer to me. I start with the basic scheme (5/3/1 + Jocker + FSL), without BBB. And then when I go to add volume with the BBB, I will decrease the volume of the accessories. Quite right?

I haven’t looked your program so closely, put forget the jokers unless you’re experienced or peaking for a meet.

In powerlifting training I have an experience of a couple of years, not much but the “bones” are made for me.

Wendler has a saying “you can’t serve 2 masters.”

This layout you have

PR sets
Heavy singles
High volume
And 3x fullbody high frequency

So you’re over your master limit. If you were to run this after 2 weeks you’d be tired unless your deadlift max is like 200.

I’d drop the jokers.

Start with either a top PR set and drop back to 5x5 fsl or even 5sPRO With fsl.

As someone said don’t worry about % on dumbbells split squats etc. start with something easy and progress.

BBB, PR sets, and jokers are tools and they all are for something a little different. Be like using a drill, jack hammer and a lug wrench to change a tire. You’d just screw it up worse and only one of those us needed for that job.

So, I would like to take stock of the situation for the departure, after trying a couple of weeks some ideas taken from Wendler’s books. So after trying the first pattern of the first post, I try to make other changes to optimize the training (also thanks to your suggestions).

  • Frequency 3 times a week (Monday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Objective strength and hypertrophy, training on the “4 big” style powerlifters
  • No competition preparation
  • Squat and Bench 2 times a week, OHP and Deadlift 1 time per week
  1. Powerlifter Scheme (from Jim’s book): 3/5/1 Heavy/Medium/Heavy
  2. 9 consecutive weeks + 1 deload (10.Week)
  3. basic scheme (always from Jim’s book): squat/bench - OHP/deadlift (or inverted) - bench/squat
  4. From “Year of 5/3/1 Challenges” Part One and “5/3/1 Forever Strenght Phase”: Week 1: 3/3/3+/1x1@TM/FSL, Week 2: 5/5/5/FSL, Week 3: 5/3/1/1x1@TM/FSL (1x1@TM or 1xAMRAP@TM). Perhaps it would be better to remove the PR Jocker-Set 1x1@TM from the first week, and leave it only in the third week, it would serve as additional self-adjustment for subsequent w.o.
  5. BBB Template One from 5/3/1 Beyond: same muscle group in 5x10. My variation: another exercise for the same muscle group (changes the activation of the muscle). Example: Bench 5/3/1 - BBB Incline Bench 5x10. Since I change exercise, TM percentages are impossible (or rather, it’s a mess). And as you told me, it would be better to make the progression on the actual load. Also I would not do 5x10, but I would lower the volume a little (4x8, 3x10, …)
  6. The second part of training includes one of the big four. Taking inspiration from the template for beginners would be: squat 5/3/1 + FSL - bench 5/3/1 + FSL,…
    Or, to reduce the weekly volume and be able to insert the BBB on the first exercise, I would do (taken from one of the 3-day templates): squat 5/3/1 + FSL - bench 3x5 5’S Pro (65-75-85%). Now, the 5’S Pro predicts a progression on the percentages from week to week. I’m not sure I know if that’s the case or I can always keep the same percentages.

I’m not contemplating the assistance work for now. First I have to adjust the training schedule and then, to get to the weekly volume, I will insert these additional exercises.

What do you think?

Just seems overly complicated to me. If you want to try it, try it and see. How old are you and how long have you been training? What are your TMs, rep PRs, and what kind of programs have you ran prior to the one you’re intending on running?

The main thing I see with a lot of people complaining about 5/3/1 is a lack of volume. I know that adding a lot of extra things and exercises to hit everything sounds cool, but the reality is it isn’t needed. I probably do 8-10 movements a week and just hammer the fuck out of them. If aesthetics are the main goal then yes, you will need more exercise variety and volume, but intensity must be lowered.

Similar to what the guy above said, you can’t serve two masters. Maybe at the beginning, but the more you add without taking away the higher the injury risk.

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So… I’m 47 years old, 148.37 lb bodyweight. I’ve been training in the gym for 30 years, and I’ve been powerlifting for three years.
My Rep Max are: Squat 330 lb, Bench 242 lb, Deadlift 392 lb, OHP 138 lb, Bent Over Row 213 lb, Power Clean 225 lb, Power Snatch 172 lb.
In 30 years I have made many “copied” BB programs, as well as many created by me. Since I started powerlifting (and a period of weightlifting). StrongLifts, Candito, Sheiko, Texas, Westside and Korte,…The last 3 months have “returned” to the 5x5 Regpark, modified by Tim Enriques to “New 5x5”.
The 5/3/1 is one of the best methods, since so many tools have been created to use, for an excellent customization. This method has grown in recent years, thanks both to its author, but also to the feedback of those who use it and of course to the associated criticism.
Today there are so many templates that “almost” everyone, could find without problems, his “copy-paste” ideal. Then there are those like me, who do not like the simple “copy-paste”, but want something tailored. And 5/3/1 is what I could do for myself.
I know how they work and what are the progressions of intensity and volume (and also of the other parameters). I also know what are my ideal ranges (MAV, MRV,…) and the percentages I have to aim for. As I said, my goal is strength and mass (or aesthetics), so I work 2/3 on strength and 1/3 on mass. I also know that force develops hypertrophy, but under certain conditions: a quite important calorie surplus. However, this is not the subject of my post.
If someone wants to answer points 4-5-6 of the previous post, I’d love to.

I have been over your post a few times and I am not even sure what your asking/saying in a lot of cases. I am assuming English is not your first language and in that case its understandable, but if you want the quality and number of responses to improve I think your going to have to clean up your posts a bit to get the information about your program across a bit better.

In any case, I think what most people have posted already is that your are essentially combining higher volume supplement AND assistance, with higher intensity PR sets and Joker sets. You also shouldn’t be doing a PR set BEFORE you do a TM PR set. At least I have never seen a template with that in it, but I could be wrong.

yes English is not my main language. Okay for the rest, I’ll try to get by myself, thanks anyway.