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here we go
28 yrs
started on december 16th at the gym twice a day, 5 days a week and once on saturdays for at last an hour per visit.
I do full body workouts in no particular order,including cardio Io run and cross country ski.No particular diet just healthy food and lots of Protein.

max bench 260
max squat 280
My goals are more strength training for work(I work construction,crazy hours constantly running)

I have had great results but am sure that had i found the nation when i started my results would have been even better. Any help or suggestions?


july 2005




Five days a week twice a day including running with a hard labor job is a ton of work. Youd be better off cutting it down to 3 or 4 once a day sessions in the gym. You seem like you have enthusiasm about working hard, which is good, but you will learn that more isn't always better.


i have been off work since the 15th of december and i am not planning on going back 4 another 2 weeks


Hey man

Where do u train?



i go to the gym in capreol.Its great because there aren.t alot of members so i have the place to myself most of the time.