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New, 1m78 75kg


hey,i'm french,i have 2 years of training,and i'm 1m78 and 75kg with 8%of bodyfat.
What do you think and what i must upgrade.thanks


Your should update your language translation module, it still runs on Babelfish 1.0.


try to speak french,i'm curious.


I'm not going to speak French for you. I gave up on that years ago.

So tell us a little bit about what you've been doing so far? How has your progress been? Why do you want/need a change? And what are your goals?

Also, read the thread "Must read for Beginners!" It's a great source of information.


Like GSD said, we need a lot more information before we can give any advice.

You didn't really even ask a question, so there's nothing we can help you with yet.


I only know the basic stuff I learned in highschool 10 years ago, it's not that hard.

I assume you tried to attach some photos to your post, try again. =)


post pics in the "rate my physique forum"