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New 1B Programming?

Hey Coach,

I wanted to know if you’ll be creating any more programs for type 1B anytime soon. I tried to run the 1b program I purchased from your site but had mix results. I’m not sure if it was the volume or if I went too heavy. Currently I’m using clusters using just the powerlifts, the press and the front squat over five days. Attached is my neurotype test for reference. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.


I second this. I usually just stalk the forum but I have run out of programs to do.

I’m type 3. I completed the old type 3 program, which uses the Hepburn progression, two x. My squat increased 30# and my deadlift increased 70#!

My brother is a type 2a, so I also completed the old type 2a program and the old 1b program. The 2a program worked well, but the 1b program didn’t really jive with me. I still stuck it out, I just changed some things around to match my neurotype, based on Christians articles. I actually did OK with the five day split. The activation jumps and power cleans, etc. I had to replace with some slower tempo versions of the first actual exercise and some mobility work.

Any word on the new type 3? Can I snag an early copy? I will pay of course! Im just anxious to get started on it. I love the structure and I hate having to modify things myself because I’m worried I’m doing to wrong. I prefer to shut up and just follow.

He just released a new program on Thibarmy. Check it out.

I have a whole line-up ready, but I’m still waiting on the web designers. It’s been hell… it was supposed to be ready by the end of June.


Cool Coach, thanks.

Can’t wait. Thanks.

Can I just do the 2A program it turn everything into single station setups?