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New 100m World Record


Kind of surprised nobody has posted this yet, maybe I missed it, but Asafa Powell broke his own record and ran a 9.74 this past weekend.

I can't believe it took him this long to break the record. The first time he ran a 9.77, I thought he would be able to cut of 4-5 hundreths, he didn't have a great start.

Judging by how much he slowed down at the end of the 9.74, a sub 9.7 may be possible for him. '08 Olympics?

Record de Mundo!


Amazing. I wonder if he can do it in the Olympics though, Powell has a knack for folding in the "big races." Not like I can really criticize though because his form right now is just awe-inspiring. It seems like he can jog sub-10 right now.


I kind of feel bad for him. Nerves can be a nightmare in track.


Jesus, he slowed down as well!

Seems like nerves stopped him from winning at the championships. He was obviously in peak shape in this race, as it was just after the world championships. No pressure and he goes out and runs like that!


Thats what happens when you go against Americans!!!!!!1