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Never Wear Levi Slim Jeans While Squatting


Booze and squats do not mix. Remember that advert where they would have two trucks or horses try to pull a pair of Levis apart? Well they should re-film it but instead have people squatting in them.


Leave the interwebz. Go eat 30 sammiches and 5 gallons of milk. Then squat a barbell with some plates on it.
You can come back when you weigh more than I do.




Dude, you:

1) are wearng skinny jeans and posting it on a website with the word testosterone in the title
2) bragging that you are squatting in your skinny jeans
3) have less muscular legs than a girl
4) wearing fucking skinny jeans

I wouldn't be surprised if you never come back here after this thread is done.




You wear Levi Slim jeans and squat? Why?

There really are better options out there, bud.

The first one would be "shorts" and another is "sweatpants".

If you're not sure what these are, feel free to PM me.


LOL. Good points.


TBH i felt the jeans could have added a few extra lbs to my squat thanks to the tightness


Everyone knows that squat suits originally came from tight jeans. Levi's has a huge carryover.


My arse had a large carryover as it came crashing through those jeans. They cost me 80 British pounds FFS.


That did you a favor... you won't be able to wear skinny jeans anymore when your legs grow a bit.


Levi's 510's (The skinniest of the skinny) have never ripped on me. In fact, they seem to help, acting like a squat suit. I'm sure if I squatted actual heavy weight it would be a problem, though.


Ha true. TBH I was bulging through those bad boys and was walking about like I had just done a ten stretch at San Quentin. Think i'll just stick to chinos from now on.


Squatting in jeans is only acceptable.... like this.


I wear slim leg jeans. And I eat iron, and piss testosterone.


OP this is NOT an invitation to pose like this picture and post here for us.


man, even when i weighed 130lbs 510's didn't fit my legs. just how skinny are you?


Haha I've already cut the first leg off my 513's mate.


Over/under at 105lbs


Well, now that his jeans are ripped, he might as well make them into cutoffs...