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Hey everyone!!

So soccer season is coming to a close in about a month or so and I'm looking into new programs.

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, except to say that I'm not interested in power-lifting or "lifting heavy" on the big 3 - don't really know why, but this just doesn't appeal to me right now. I do want to get stronger and more athletic though (faster, more explosive, etc.), but i do not want to put on any more size (if possible).

I was thinking of doing DeFranco's Built Like a Badass, but I'd have to tweak it, especially since I don't want to bench press. And I want to incorporate some of these explosive movements like BB squat jumps, front squat push presses (just fell in love with these), snatches and of course keep my whole pullup regime.

Do any of you guys know of any programs that might be good for something like this? Maybe some kind of off-season training protocol? I'm thinking something along the lines of lifting 3x a week, conditioning 2x (sprints and plyos).

All advice greatly appreciated!!

ps. Haven't been around much ladies, but I'm still lurking the logs - you're all doing amazingly and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics! Keep up the great work and happy lifting!!


Have you considered doing a full olympic program? If you have access to the equipment and coaching, I bet it would be a great fit and go along way to improving your game.


Welcome back Maschy :slight_smile:


Sounds like you should do Olympic lifting! It's quite fun.


Maschy's back!!! YAY!

I don't have a suggestion for you quite yet, but let me think on it.


Have you looked into crossfit/olympic lifting? Sounds like it is right in line with your expressed goals.



xfit 4 lyfe!


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Actually, I would LOOOOVE to learn Olympic lifting! So I'll def look into that. I'm almost certain that we don't have any gyms that accommodates olympic lifting here in the city, but I'll check it out again.

As for xfit - I won't let door hit me on the way out...

Thanks again guys and Hai Mainy and Kimba!


OK, the new avatar completely screwed with my concentration but I think I am back.

It sounds like you are designing the program primarily to improve your soccer performance since you are not currently motivated by putting up bigger numbers and you are not looking to make any physique changes.
Would that be accurate?


I'm too much of a newbie at this weight lifting thing so I can't offer much advice - but welcome back!


Masch, awesome avi!!!!


This, yet i am not back yet...


lol! thanks for love re: the new avi. Thought i'd throw up a progress pic since I'm at the end of soccer and this generally helps get the abz showing.

Git, this is precisely right. altho I won't lie putting up big numbers is sooo good for my ego. However, I'm willing to sacrifice that for a program that will make me feel good and strong. Which is why I'm so interested in Oly lifting. Something about tossing big weights above my head really appeals to me. I'm also planning on do the urbanathalon next year and I think a program that revolves around explosive movements might be a helpful in that regard.

Anyways, thanks again everyone!


Look at the universities in your area and check community centers. My kid pays 25$ a year for olympic level coaching at a community center in a regional club. Great avi btw!


you look great.

I also love the push press.
Try the lateral throw and DB swing if you like PP.
<3 all of those all full body all power (POWER AND SPEED FTW)


ay girl, what's good? how you doin?


Madam, you are a freaking genius!! I just found a place here in the city (well, Queens actually) that not only has ALL the amenities for Olympic lifting but also has coaches on hand, PLUS a team! And its run by the city - so all together for the entire year it will only cost $100.

SO EXCITED! I already spoke to the coach and he was very encouraging. I'll keep you all posted.

And thanks again to all re: the avi :slight_smile:

Hallowed, i'll def check out the Lat throw and the DB swing. Thanks!!


UMWOW! That is awesome. What a deal.
Way to be Diana! you ARE a genius.



I also think that sled or prowler variations would be great for explosive lower body power and strength for soccer. Do they have those?


Good to see you back. Thought maybe you took off to Tahiti. Looks as if you've found a gym that will accommodate all that you need. Good luck with this endeavor.