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Never Used Gear, Want to Try But Need Veteran Knowledge


So i have been lifting for about 5 years now, i started lifting at 200lbs when i was 15 years old i am now 20 and at much leaner 195lbs. I play in a football league that drug tests its athletes during the season, the consequences are fairly severe. I feel i have reached my natural potential and need something to start making big gains again, i would need to run a cycle in the off season and have it out of my system before the season started. would anyone be able to tell me or direct me somewhere that can tell me what type of gear would be best suited for an athlete trying to make sizable gains with as little bad repercussions as possible? I have very little knowledge on the subject so please be nice lol


I’m not a pharma guy, just my opinion though, if you started at 15 and are now 20, there’s no way you’re even close to your “natural potential.” If you want to take the risks when consequences are “Fairly severe” it seems like a no brainer to just get your training and nutrition together and keep making progress, I can assure you that you have a lot of progress to be made that can easily be done naturally.


Take what Rob said to heart bro, I’m 25 and I’ve been training for 10 years and I’m still improving every year.


Depends on the compound you take but most test remains in system 4-6 months after pct… that is not counting from the moment you stop taking it officially. For me personally it was 6 months.


I agree with what robstein said, i would not do anything to risk myself in your position especially if i was playing football. I would however start training differently maybe follow a power lifting program to get more explosiveness if thats what you need.


Is there money on the line and off season testing?
Remember if you are semi pro and your teammates see you are surpassing them , they will rat on you.


Buy some tribulus bro. Not that you will need it at 20, but it is probably the least likely to get you banned.

Oh and definitely start powerlifting. I played 1st grade Rugby for yrs before I discovered it and can only imagine how much better I would have been if I was doing that as part of my training regime.