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Never Too Old If Above The Ground


OK, in the last week of training for the Longhorn Open Powerlifting meet..

After a great training cycle and rehab of strained SI joint. I pulled 455 easily, squatted 455 easy and judges said an inch below parallel. Then my bench press hit new heights. I benched my first 400 and with full pause on the bottom.

Guys and gals it is like this... If you train hard, eat right, get good rest, and still try to enjoy life, you can get damn strong.

Hey at my age I had to use the strongest muscle in the body, the brain, and come back from strained SI joint. I also had to put up with hauling step kids around. Record volume of trains at work, yes more goods are moving so economy is not as bad as many would like you to believe.

We old guys have the accumulated brain power if we have learned over the years to triumph over youth. It is that simple.

My wife supports and helps me. Even when she eats eclairs in front of me. Kissing is great for this. Yes old people kissing, suffer young brats.

So enjoy the ride and you can still achieve much in the strength game as you can in life.


Good Job -- See Ya there!


awesome job dude!



And, yeah, the eclair thing works for me too. Usually I have to eat it to get a kiss, though. Whatever works!


Killer post! I need to get AFTER it!



Exactly how old is old? wink


great job, congrats on the lifts. I love lifting heavy at my age, keeps the young ones on their toes.


I participate in the NEWSC and at 46 have never felt stronger.
My wife cringes when she watches me lift, but she understands what it all means to me. I have a bust sched with work and kids, and things around the house... But I always find time to lift.
Keep up the good work and maybe we'll compete together sometime.


Awesome brother!!! You know, it's the young kids and old losers that think we can't hang. Bring it on baby!!!!




Great post!

I especially liked this part:

Never give up!