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Never Too Old For a PR

Getting ready for national masters in Milwaukee.

Man moving some great weights. Yesterday doing speed squats it was awesome. I got to 235 bar weight and did 2 sets of 2, then I added a chain to each side for another 2 sets of 2. The chains weigh 22 lbs each and holding rig is 5 lbs.

Then did another set of 2 with 2 chains on each side. Then a set of 2 with 3 chains. I went up to a set of 2 with 5 chains on each side. This is about 465 at the top and all done with no, I repeat No belt or any gear. Just sweats and my jock. Extra large jock I might add.

Heck Saturday did pulls with the weight on a block made of 2x8’s which puts the bar about 4 inches below the knees. I pulled a double with 475 and it went so well I went up to 505 and did a single. Well I might be old, but I am driven so I went to 525.

I fought and fought it up and locked it out. This was more than I have ever pulled from below the knees.

I will be the strongest man in the home.

LOL! From one old guy to another, well done!

[quote]Senseial wrote:
Getting ready for national masters in Milwaukee.[/quote]

Is this the NASA meet this weekend?

I’m confused, was the PR the squat, dead, or extra large jock?

Good luck in Milwaukee.

The PR was squat and deadlift. As we age I had to downsize the jock.

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From someone born and raised in Ol’
Milwaukee, congratulations on your new PR’s. Hope everything goes just as well at your meet and I hope you get that jock problem sorted out in a hurry.

Which home are you in. Sounds like they have a nice gym there? (kidding)