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Never Thought I'd Live to See the Day...


Maybe. Just maybe.. It might be time for everyone to admit we have a serious energy problem on our hands:



The price increased almost 500% since Bush took office.

That's some scary shit!


There is plenty of energy, we're just too dependent on certain types of it.

I don't like paying so much for gas, but I'd rather deal with it for the next 10 years while viable alternatives are developed that will all us to be liberated from using it. $10 a gallon will only expedite the creation of alternatives.


It won't make it to 10 dollars, after about 7 or 8 it will be way less efficient then other means of energy that we could be using. Bush has nothing to do with it. I think the next thing may be liquefied coal, but there are a lot of options. We have enough coal stock to last us about 30 years, and it's assumed that we could ride out gas for a while, use coal, and in those years have come up with another efficient fuel. Check out the gas price thread.


Last year I was in the UK for a few months, and I was quick to notice how expensive their gas prices are compared to USA.

Looks to me like US gas prices are climbing up to equivalence with the UK's.

If I remember correctly their prices were 7$ a gallon.

Not cool, huh?

Granted, they do have far better public transportation.


It's no use, most people feed into the bullshit that it's all 'just the market' and 'we'll quickly readjust'. I anticipate it'll get blamed on anything from 'those Arabs et al' to the war or 'terrorists'.

The fact that this was known about for decades with nothing done(so that gazillions could be milked) isn't going to proliferate much in the media.


another reason not to bring a kid into this world

prepare for some insane wars over resources in the next 10-20 years

people forget that petroleum does more than just provide energy for transporation

our entire SOCIETY is based on petroleum

want to imagine a society without medicines, plastics, transportation, food shopping, etc. ? petroleum makes all of that possible

forget about any supplements too

we should be more worried how we will replace the petroleum feedstocks used for all of these modern industrial products rather than how we will produce sufficient energy

no one wants to answer that very uncomfortable and difficult question


that crazy bush, what a character lol

... wait, what does he have to do it? oh well lets still blame him :S


It's fun to correlate two things...

Fact: As ice cream sales increase in America so do instances of rape.



personally I love a night of klondike bar eating and rapin.


several factors go into the rise in gasoline price

  1. Crude is traded in US currency. As the dollar loses value we can't buy as much for our dollar any more.

  2. A billion chinese people industrializing all at once.

  3. If OPEC sent us every barrel they had, we still don't have the refineries to process it. They don't drill for gasoline, they drill for oil. It has to be refined, and that's a bottleneck right now. The US hasn't built a refinery in 30 years. We're at capacity, and have been for a while.

  4. Katrina reduced refinery capacity. There's still damage to the refineries that haven't been fixed.

  5. The futures market also largely controls the price of crude, the oil companies don't actually set them.

  6. Worldwide demand outside of china has also increased dramatically.

  7. U.S. demand has increased, even as our ability to refine more of it has NOT increased. Greater Demand + Same Supply = higher price.


ooo I know this one. It's because both are more prevalent during Summer.


I was talking with an adult couple weeks back (trusted and smart), and he mentioned an article about oil. The article was talking about how oil may not be created from fossil fuels but it could be a naturally occurring substance in the earth. There were two examples to explain this:

  1. A group of scientist did calculations that stated if 100% of the animals all were fossilized from previous eras, our oil reserves should have been gone by the 80s.

  2. An oil mine (is that what you call those? I forget the term for it) in Texas was drilled dry back in the 60s, but they decided to come back to the same area, and the people there found the entire area filled with oil again.

I can't find the exact article this came from, but it seems plausible to me.


why "steal" the used oil
most of these places pay to have it hauled away. so why not speak with the owner and and take it off thier hands make your own deisel.
I got the idea from a man in y old town that lives on a ranch and he dopes that he makes enough to run his home and vehicals for a month and then the next month he goes and picks up more does it all over again.

I looked into legalities and crunched the numbers and we are switching over to that ourselves.
figured I could run my home and my mothers home tha tis on the same 2 acres of land for 200-300 dollars a month and that is with TDI vehicals.

really helps me being an ase certified master auto/deisel tech so I dont have the upkeep that comes with maintaining a vehical.

more and more people are moving back in time growing their own food and living simple again.

good or bad I dont know but its what we have to do either that or people like myself cant live.

its also impacting my line of work because more and more people are letting there vehical maintance go to shit because the price of gas is so high and they figure just run it to the ground because they have to cut cost elsesware.


Sounds too simple. It must be Booosh.


Google abiotic oil. I don't know if it is true but I don't entirely buy into the dead dinosaur theory either.


Thanks for that. And, thinking about the fossil fuel thing, doesn't really make sense how that could be possible.


From what I understand, animals AND plant matter are fossilized. So, tree's do have a purpose.


(cue the dramatic music)


I thought they were for building sheds to house weapons? Or to make bludgeons to kill the tree-huggers with.

Irony's a bitch, ain't it?