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Never Surrender

mobility exercises - hips, shoulders
bp 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 x 5, 225 x 6
ng mach press 3 x 12
pushups 3 x amrap
v bar pushdowns 350 method

15 min t mill walk
mobility exercises
foam roll, stretch

mobility exercises - hips

dl 135, 190, 235, 280, 325 x 5, 370 x 3, 415 x 5
Top set felt heavy and slow off the floor, lockout felt strong.

meadows vbar cable rows to chest 3 x 12
ng pulldowns 3 x 12

dl’s - I’d like to try for 500 x 1 by 3.31.18 (50th). I do not know if this is actually possible for me based on where I am currently at. I’m thinking I can do it.
practiced hook grip up to 325 and it went great. Will continue to mess around with in the future. Thanks @BOTSLAYER for the tutorials.
Deload is beginning to feel needed. I have been pushing for the last 8 weeks, so, complete next week. Then chill.

bw 175 - 180ish
Current diet that I am following - Free feed at least 5 times a day. If it sounds good, I’ll eat it. lol. I’ll get back to the spreadsheet diet bullshit increasingly over the next couple of weeks. And yes, current physique resembles a free feeder.

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everything was ok until this.

Pretty much, lol, think caddyshack x double volume.

mobility exercises - hips, shoulders
db lunges 6lbs x 300
ohp 155 x 5
rear delts pek dek 3 x 12
ss db curls 3 x 10
rope hammer curls 3 x 12

12.29 - 12.30.18
no gym

mobility exercises - hips, shoulders
sq 95, 140, 175 x 5, 215 x 3, 265 x 5, 300 x 3, 335 x 5
leg press 5pps + 10’s 3 x 20,16,20
ghr 3 x 8
single leg ext 3 x 10
walking kbell calves 3 x length of gym

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mobility exercises - hips, shoulders
bp 100, 150, 185, 210 x 5, 235 x 3, 225 x 5
decline smith 3 x 10
standing cable fly press thing 3 x 12
rope pushdowns 3 x 12
pushups 3 x amrap

mobility exercises - hips, shoulders
leg press sled x 100

Anyone have any suggestions for decreasing white of the eye and around the eye capillary blowouts?
The area right above my eyebrows and around my eyes is getting hammered (sq and dl days). Is my breathing out of whack? Tempo…? The reps have been heavy but, nothing grindy. I feel comfortable with tightness, breathing etc during the lifts.
If I explode while lifting, you should know, I enjoyed it.

mobility exercises - hips - no time for shoulders
dl 135, 180, 225 x 5, 270 x 4, 340 x 5, 385 x 3, 430 x 3
ng pulldowns 3 x 10
vgrip tbars 3 x 12
banded hypers 3 x amrap

vagisil solved my capillary blowout concern.
hook grip stopped after 270, shouldn’t have. Will push it harder next 531 cycle.
Jan 14 is start date to shed my winter coat of pudge. I am looking forward to not feeling fatty fat fatty.

1.4.19 - 1.17.19
Deload last week
Diet - following it.
cardio - 1 hiit session/wk 8 intervals 30/130
bw less

Read Wendler 5/3/1 2nd edition.
Made a spreadsheet
reset dl, sq, and bench numbers.

So far this week -
310 x 8 sq
215 x 6 bp
380 x 9 dl

Hips and shoulders feel good.

1.18.19 - 2.1.19
Hip and shoulder mobility exercises daily

310 x 8, 325 x 8, 350 x 5 sq
210 x 8, 220 x 7, 225 x 7 bp
380 x 9, 405 x 7, 425 x 5 dl
140 x 8, 150 x 5, 155 x 3 ohp

cardio- 3 x week - two 100 cal weight vest t mill walks and 1 hiit 8 intervals 30/90sec
avg cals per day 2115

Body weight slowly decreasing. Next change will be to increase cardio. I am also slowly decreasing assistance work in volume and intensity. Working towards cutting weight down to sub 170’s and then go for a triple bw dl.

I have ert rosacea. squat and dl day are lighting up my face, around my eyes and ears BIG TIME. I look like an abused tomato head. Old, hammered and tomato head. Fck.

2.2.19 - 2.10.19
Hip and shoulder mobility exercises daily
deload week
cardio - 3 x week - two 100 cal weight vest t mill walks and 1 hiit 8 intervals 30/90sec
avg cals approx 1500

hip mobility exercises
sq 320 x 6 - felt heavy
leg press 5pps + 10 x 15
lunges 5 lb dbs x 100 (50/)
machine calves 3 x 15
bw 174

weight is down around 8lbs - approx 2lbs/wk. I hit the diet hard last week. Cals are back to around 1900 up for the next couple of days and then back down again for a while. Have to get melanoma chopped off my back, no heavy lifting apparently. Deadlifting goal will have to be put on hold and training will have to be adjusted accordingly. I’ll do more cardio and push the diet. Fuck em.

Deloads - welcomed and needed. However, I hate going back to lifting after a deload. Currently, standard 531 deload (65% low volume). Any suggestions?

bw 170ish
cals 2300 for 4 days and 1750 for 3 days. Carbs 200 x 4 / 40 x 3
fat is coming off, ab veins are back - hopefully can wrap up the diet in the next 4-6 weeks
need to add more cardio - currently 3 100 calorie weighted vest walks after training, 1 hiit session 8 intervals 30/90 sec followed by 15 mins liss.
training - 5/3/1 with some assistance, drop sets, banded drops, whatever i feel like, etc.
nothing of note lately, sq 325 x 5, pulled 435 for a pretty easy single, started doing deficit deads standing on 2 45s. Basically, train, eat, sleep, work, repeat. I am a CPA by trade and this time of year is easy for me to stick to the diet.

check in


3.11.19 -3.14.19
sq 340 x 3
decline db press 85 x 10 x 3
dl 410 x 3
leg, chest, and back accessory exercises - bunch of stuff
switched gyms, new scale says 165. Weight is definitely down, feel weak, everything is heavy.
Definitely not pulling 500 by my 50th.
diet compliance has kind of sucked. Adult cocktails, chorizo burritos, missing meals, pints of halo top, blah blah blah and apparently still getting leaner. If I want to improve I need to quit giving myself bullshit excuses.

3.15.19 - 3.21.19
sq 275 x 15
incline db
dl 415 x 4
accessories on all lift days followed by 100 cal walk
1 hiit session per week 8 intervals 30/90sec followed by 15 mins liss
bw somewhere between 165 - 170
project get less fat has stalled out. I’m not reducing cals any lower, so, more cardio is needed. Too busy with work right now (75+wk) to add any more cardio. I already giant super mega set life to speed the shit up. Time to tread water for a couple of weeks.

3.22.19 - 4.4.19

Work is crushing me. 70+ hr weeks are now at 80+
Diet compliance has been mediocre. The weekend gets here and I go off the deep end with food and bourbon. Felt weak as shit last week. DL 390 x 5 felt heavy as ever. So, I jacked my food as I felt like I was getting sick. Was leaner on 3.10.19 than currently, but not too far off.
Pulled 405 x5 today and it went much better. Had a couple left in the tank.
Will tighten up the weekend binges over the next couple of weeks and get back at it.
bw 170 ish
Turned 50. 1/2 of a hundo.


50 cal bike ride

super set banded side laterals3 sets x amrap
machine ohp 3 sets x 12-15, triple drop last set

triple set pek dek reverse delts 3 sets x 12-15
face pulls 3 sets
banded side laterals 3 sets amrap

ez bar curls 5 sets x 11 reps 20s rest

super set rope hammer curls 3 sets x 10 reps
reverse curls 3 sets x 10 reps

100 cal bike ride
leg extensions 1 x 100 reps
super set 1 min plank/15 vups 2 sets
Current bw, don’t know or care.

Updates - fell off the diet wagon around mid March, didn’t care anymore. From then until about a week ago my diet was atrocious or awesome. In n Out Doubles x 2, 16 oz ribeyes, boxes of mac and cheese, full fat ice cream (f u halo top), pizza at will, the largest burrito masterpieces I could concoct. All of this was washed down with excessive double IPA’s and bourbon. Needless to say, my physique took a hit and now it’s time to right the ship. Current plan is to run a reduced cal diet until I get back to March 15 fat levels. I’m thinking 6 weeks, maybe.

Training - My days of any appreciable increased mass are long gone (50 yrs old and a long time lifter.) Long term focus will be on anything I can do to visually appear better. For instance, upper and lower back need work, forearms suck, abs are not deep enough. adductor and abductors need help, Quads, hams and calves will always need work. I could go on and on with this. lol.

Pics are Jan 14, March 15, and last two are today.

Sorry for the giant pics.


Look great man; the years of hard work have paid off.

Take time to enjoy what all you’ve accomplished, which is far more than most of even the dedicated folk. Dont worry about runway, you’re already there.


Thank you! Appreciate the kind words.

300 cal bike ride

two 20 min walks

10 min bike warmup
Leg press 4:40 sec /105 lbs/165 reps - initially started w/ squats, but, felt it in hips and ass too much. Wanted more quad focus. Switched to leg press week two.
super set leg extensions 3 x 32 reps
adductors 3 x 12
super set seated ham curls 3 x 12
abductors 3 x 12
leg press calves 3 x 12
leg extensions 1 x 100 reps

Food compliance was decent for the weekend. A new dating interest makes things more challenging. My diet bullshit is of no concern to her and rightfully so at this point. Anyway, keep plugging.

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Meadows pec minor dips 3 x 20
smith machine decline 4 x 12, 12, 10, (6, followed by 3 drops 8, 12, 20)

super set low pulley upward fly 3 x 15
pek dek fly 3 x 12

rope pressdowns 3 x 15
lying ng db extensions 2 triple drops

100 cal bike ride
leg ext 1 x 100 reps - been doing this (almost daily) for well over a year. End goal is increased leg vascularity. Also use walking lunges and various leg press machines.

300 cal bike ride
leg ext 1 x 100
stretchy hips and lower body

leg press 5 mins/105 lbs/176 reps

super set leg extensions 3 x 32 reps
seated ng cg cable rows 3 x 12 - 8, triple drop the 3 set

super set db rdl 3 x 12
wg lat machine 3 x 12 - 8, triple drop the 3 set

giant set abductors 3 x 12
leg press calves 3 x 12
adductors 3 x 12
rope pullovers 3 x 12

100 cal bike ride
leg extensions 1 x 100 reps

super set scrape the rack ohp 4 x 15 - 8, 4 drops final set
seated leg press calves single leg 4 x 12

super set leaning cable side laterals 3 x 12
reverse pek dek 3 x 15 - 10

ez bar curls 5 x 10 20 sec rest

super set cable hammer curls 3 x 12
ez bar reverse curls 3 x 10

100 cal bike ride
leg ext 1 x 100 reps

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