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Never Surrender


100 cal walk
abs 3 x 15
seated calves 3 x 15
incline bb 5 x 10
seated cg cable rows 5 x 10
pek dek 4 x 10
assisted pullups 4 x 10
leg press 4 x 10
drag curls 4 x 10
skullcrushers 4 x 10
leg ext 20 x 100

pm session will be 30 min, nowhere near failure, minimal rest, volume medley.

bw = less. Trying to decide if I should f around with water and carb loading for the final week. IF, within the next 4 days I can lose some noticeable lard and it looks like I can improve on last year’s condition, I’ll do it.

Splitting a tbsp of p-butter into four bites for more enjoyment makes me not a happy dude.


100 cal walk
ss ng machine press
chest supported row
ts pek dek flyes
kb squats
pek dek rear delts
ss skull crushers
seated db curls
leg ext 20 x 100

bw - 164. Aiming to wrap up the diet this Saturday and going to attempt to manipulate water and carbs a bit. I don’t think it will help much visually, as I am currently looking like a smooth turd.


5.21.18 afternoon
35 mins liss
guts 4 x 15

100 cal walk
ss leg press calves 4 x 12
flabs 4 x 10

hack squat sled 4 x 10

ss leg extensions single leg 4 x 12
seated ham curls 4 x 12

leg press 25lbs x 100

Short on time this morning. Will make up for it this afternoon.

Afternoon session
20 mins liss
20 mins full body whatever.


100 cal walk
full body depletion medley, moderate intensity, minimal rest, 3 rounds, 15 reps except pullups were 10’s.
leg press, mg seated cable rows, bench press, standing calves, smith machine ohp, kb squats, pullups, pek dek flye, side laterals, tricep pressdowns, db curls, flabs. I was totally gassed.
leg ext 20 x 50

afternoon session will be full body, low intensity, minimal rest. however many rounds I can complete in an hour, 15-20 reps of all different exercises from this morning.

cals 1590
pro 284
cho 10
fat 46
Water loading sucks. First time messing around with water, carbs and such. Scale is going down, visually I see negligible changes. Strength is down a bit, but not much. Old man skin is here to stay no matter how lean I get. Really hope all this comes together, I have been putting a lot into it.

Shopping soon for the upcoming feast. Any and all ideas for epic cheat/refeed meals are gladly accepted.

What would you all eat?