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Never Surrender


Hello anyone. I am starting this log to track my progress and hold me further accountable to my bodybuilding goals. Goals are to gain quality weight over the next ? months and then diet down to see where I am at. Repeat process until happy.

Some info:
name - Austin
age 42
wt 168

Just ended a 17 week diet. Dropped approx 40lbs. Prior to this I had gained approx 44 lbs over a 9 month period. So, basically, here I go again.
I have used Shelby Starnes as my diet coach over the last year plus, if you want results, he is your man.

7/8/11 Training

50 minutes of cardio
Meadows rows 90
Supported rows 110
db pullovers 70
cable pulldowns 150
total sets 20
weights used are not much as I am one tired, carb depleted mofo.

Anyways, i look forward to getting back to work. This weekend will consist of shoveling down as much food as possible, an 8 mile hike on Saturday, plenty of double ipa's,
and grocery shopping for my new diet which begins Monday.


F I N A L L Y ! ! !

I truly look foward to following your log and busting your balls along the way!


Yonkey- Welcome look forward to following along: always good to have a fellow sub 200lber around..


Welcome, Austin! Your avatar is . . . interesting.


I like this plan. Welcome.


Matty - finally is right. Now you can fire back..... this could be trouble

OldGoat - Thanks. Power in numbers. I'll try to keep up.

Cavalier- He seemed rather gentlemanly. Much unlike myself. lol

dday - thank you sir.


Welcome . PS I'm in love with your best pal :slight_smile: Beautiful dog.


Sounds interesting. So how much weight you looking to gain. Are your goals strictly bodybuilding or do you do other activities. Anyway I'll keep in touch. It's always interesting to watch someone develope themselves into a new and better person. Stay with it, this is for live!


Nice weight loss, well done.


Thanks for the welcome. He was absolutely a wonderful creature. He passed in January. No guarantees in life. If it was not for what he gave to me I would not have had the strength to start another relationship with this little fella. Meet Reggie. :slight_smile:

I have a 2 yr old female also. Overall, this is the 4th and 5th bully I have had the pleasure of hanging with.


Last time I gained 42 lbs over a 9 month period (208lbs). This time I'm thinking i will keep my weight under 195 for the duration of my bulk, which will run through January 2012.

Goals are strictly bodybuilding at this time. I like to entertain the idea of one day competing in the masters division middleweight class. Outside of the gym, I am an avid hiker and backpacker.


Big nurse - thanks. it was difficult this time around.

cable pushdowns
incline skullcrushers
decline skullcrushers
15 total sets

seated db curls
ez bar preachers
concentration curls
close grip chins
12 total sets

8.3 mile hike 2:45

cardio - 30 minutes. awesome. I had been doing 50 minutes a day/7 days a week for a long time.

Notes - Ate anything and everything this weekend. Nice to have carbs consistently back in my diet. Last nights meal, Mikkeller 1000, all u can eat sushi, ben and jerry's ice cream, chocolate chip cookie. Today back on track, tommorrow bulk phase is on.





seated leg curls 145/10
leg press with monster mini's and mini's 5 & 1/4 pps
Box Squats 15in box 245/8
Walking Lunges
stiff leg deads 195/12
good girlz
19 total sets, not counting good girlz

weight - 170

Notes - good session overall, lots o volume.



the last 15 months and current starting point


Looking great yonkey!

How tall are you?


Thanks ddot. I am 5'9".

Looks like our training is similar in a lot of ways.


Yeah. Very similar.

I'm 5'8 and aiming for the 170lb class thus why I asked.


Welcome aboard. You're carrying some good muscle for weighing 168.


Damn you're looking quite ripped. My wife would be going out of her mind if I looked like that, haha. Good job.