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Never Skip Breakfast? Trying IF

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
So I’ve been following the 5/2 diet with very good results.
I recently read an article about 16:8 intermittent fasting. And I’m highly intrigued by the concept. Although I will complete 15 years in lifting( with breaks, some short some not so short and battled drug addiction and overcome paralysis caused by stroke 9 years ago) , but I haven’t tried IF yet.
Infact, it goes opposite to the very basic concepts I was taught years ago. Never skip breakfast and have a high protein high carb quick release drink soon after workout. I have 2 scoops of protein and 50 GM’s of glucose in water.
I want to try IF once.
This is what I have in mind
Breakfast:green tea
Lunch. 1 pm . Rice with dal/sabzi(essentially gravy) with 6 boiled eggs.
Small meal 4pm. 2 scoops of protein with some oatmeal
5-6pm workout
6.15pm. half roasted chicken/portion of grilled fish with 1 sweet potato/regular potato and some broccoli and carrots.
9pm. 1 protein shake and small yogurt.
I will continue training the same way I’m doing right now(3 full body workouts a week with 2 sessions of cardio on separate days)

Is this a good starting point?
5/2 can’t be done with this, I suppose!
Thank you in anticipation!

  • fatboi

I’m 101 kgs today. 5’8" probably 18-20% bf
Squats. 105 kilos x 30
Deadlift 1rm 230kg
Don’t bench, ohp 70 kg x5
So on…