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Never Remake These Films


Of course this is a reaction to the REMAKES thread.

Also in this thread you could list books or cartoons that should never go to film in the first place (The Flintstones come to mind).

Fight Club (Fincher nailed it, Pitt and Norton can't be beat).

The Dead Zone (nobody can match Walken's portrayal).

The Metamorphosis - I've come to realize that nobody would be able to put this classic book to film properly.


how about Rocky, featuring Johnny Depp as the Title character?

Angelina Jolie could be Adrian.

Jack Black could be Paulie.

And - Chris Rock could be Apollo Creed.

whaddya'all think?


Rebel Without A Cause - No one could fill James Dean's shoes. Besides, how would you approach a remake? Would it be set in the 50's? If not, it would lose the idea of the end of the age of innocence.



Animal House
Mountain Men
Jeramiah Johnson
Kill Bill
Good, Bad and Ugly
Enter the Dragon
Blade Runner


The Mask- no one could ever top Jim Carey's performance.


Totally agree about Fletch. As much of a douche as Chevy Chase is, no one had what he had in the way of timing and comic unpredictability.


Princess Bride never touch this film ever


I thought it was ridiculous they made a remake of the 'Girl with the dragen tatoo' series.
Apparently the Swedish version was a little too 'raw' for the American audience.
What a unbearable irony.


Loved all those movies. Why is he a douche? Just wondering ID, personally I enjoy movies, but actresses and actors when they are off stage they are dead to me. They live in a fantasy land and cannot relate to the common man IMO so why even listen to what they say.


X 2




The Shawshank Redemption


Uh,yea man. Jim Carey is ridiculous. Lol

So I will say Liar,Liar should go untouched too. The scene in the bathroom still makes me cry from laughing.


I thought for sure you would have went with twilight.


Twilight series not because they where done so well but the eye rape that that shit is must never be seen by normal men


Lord of the Rings
Shawshank Redemption
Requiem for a dream
Terminator 1 or 2 (3...meh)
Sean of the Dead or Hot Fuzz


Ah ha ha ha



Talledega Nights.

on second thought, forget it~


Well you put a picture of my daddy on here why you do that?