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Never Marry. NEVA!



Watched it... the content wasn't as bad as I was imagining.

And der, of course you shouldn't get married. What other animal has a contractual union under a false pretense (God)?


is this show back?



So offer the bitch some money and she'll spill her guts, huh?

That poor schmuck.


I don't fully disapprove of the institution of marriage, but there are an absolute fuckload of people who should not be married to each other. As in, the vast majority.

Social clock ("If I don't get married by age x, I will be behind my peers") + Biological Clock ("My precious ova keep dropping! I NEED SPERM!") = Hasty, poorly-planned marriage out of societal obligation rather than anything else = Fail.

I like making equations.


i think its best just not to marry this particular girl.
not all girls are as bad as this


That's right !

Some are worse.


He should have left her, so she'll be broke and divorced.


Fixed. Marriage is only a valid escape for women.


^^^^^^^^^Funny but true so it's funny and sad.


I hate most people.

And for good reason.


Walkway. Mr. Walk Down Me. Walk me to the building Fuck you.


Of course you shouldn't marry, says the divorced guy.

But sometimes a divorce can be a good thing. It is entirely possible in this day and age for the man to get primary custody of, and child support for, his three wonderful children, while his cheating ex lives a miserable and broken existance.


It's also possible in this day and age for a homeless dude to buy a 5 dollar lotto ticket before he goes to sleep in a dumpster, and wakes up the next day a millionare. There's a huge difference between possible, and probable. Not to mention the difference in price between a lotto ticket, and a lawyer.


Dude, I'm living proof of getting the kids and child support. Plus, it was easy and cheap. We did the state's DIY Divorce kit, only about $200.


? This isn't much different than people asking if they can drop 30lbs of body fat while al2so gaining 30lbs of muscle...by spring break. Yeah, nearly ANYTHING is "possible". Everything is NOT probable.

Dude, on average, it seems most men in divorce do NOT end up coming out ahead in those situations....and we have people right here who have had their wives cheat on them and they still don't get the kids and have to pay the wife off.


How that dude stayed there after she admitted cheating on him is beyond me. I'd be on my way to the best divorce attorney in my state.


Seriously though, why would someone go on a show like this? I tend to hold House's philosophy, everybody lies. They are asking her questions about her life and job that could keep her from getting another job....yet she went through with it?

Have you ever stolen money from your place of employment? Why would someone hire her after that?


I'd have made her press the button at that point, then went to the best divorce lawyer in the state with half of it.


People are greedy and only see the short term gains. I used to watch this show all the time when it was televised, just to see people fuck up their entire lives. Some of them had their boss, husband/wife and parents all there watching, and they would destroy every relationship they ever had.. . for that tiny amount of money.