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Never Kiss the Guy In a Staredown


What a dumbass. He deserved that one.



This is why NHB fighting in Japan will always be better than UFC. That and in Pride they don't test for steroids. It's fuckin' wild over there.


Man he drilled that guy like a bad tooth.

He must do a lot of pushups.


Actually Heath Herring should be on his way to the UFC soon. K-1s MMA HW division isnt the same anymore with Fujita off the map.


I can never get this to work.

Do i need an active x or somethin?!


Dude must've needed a tic-tac. I bet he never does that again.


not sure... try downloading it and see what happens. Worst case is you can disable it if you dont want it running all of the time.



Anybody know the outcome of that like fines etc.?


It was ruled a No Contest.
Intially the ref said DQ but K-1 turned the decision over and called it a no contest. No fines.