Never Just Send Money

So there has been this one domestic source i have been on their site 100 times …it seems like anyways… i want this and this and that. you know the routine. so i was about to place an order “for the 100th time” and said nah i dont want those damn glass ampules, and decided to email the store if they would be stocking 10ml vials in the future…cock suckers 2 emails and still no response…anyways im glad i didnt send em any donations and yes im bitching…moral of the story is test out they’re loyalty to they’re customers shoot em some emails to see what kind of commitment they have

yes im bitching i know

While that is fair advice overall, some very reliable sources are not the best email returners. Logic says not to go with someone who won’t write you back. But many “bros” will be much more responsive after you actually have made an order than just some guy asking questions. Might not be the best business practice but its sometimes true. Besides I’d rather actually get good gear from a source than a email response without getting the gear.