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Never in History...


Manny things have happened in the history of man, but these are a few "possible" things that I think have never, ever happened........

  1. Somebody wearing a bugs bunny costume stabbing someone to death while shouting, White power!!

  2. Damit!! can't think of another one.

What else has never happened in history?? And no, I don't mean mosters,Flying cars and other such shit. Shit than can actually happen or be said.

Never in history....... What?


hate to burst your bubble, but that happened to me last year at a costume party. I now have a debilitating fear of Furries.


Never in history has the internet gone more than a nanosecond before someone polluted it with yet another ridiculous forum topic.


Never in history has someone created a silly thread where nobody took the bait and responded.



This has the makings of being a challenging,Informative, fun thread. So take your negativity elsewhere.


lol alright were getting somewhere.


At the very least, I'll give you fun(at the very, VERY least). Challenging and informative? Hell no.



This is a tough one because some of the strangest news items continue to show that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.


Not challenging? come up with one.


No guy has ever mistakenly addressed his girlfriend as "Zangief" while having sex.


Idk surely there were closet homosexuals really addicted to Street Fighter...


Yeah you're probably right actually. How awkward would that be? "My name is Melissa, who the FUCK is Zangief?!?!"

Four naked guys, ridding they're bikes around a coffin in a funeral while singing,"we wish you a Merry Christmas" in the middle of June.

Never in history!!!


i bet no one has ever taken a shit into someone elses butt.


I think a better thread would be something you have done that you don't think anyone else in history has done.


Once, my gf and her friend were having a threesome and as I was just getting into my groove with the the other chick she suddenly convulses a little bit, squeezing my little partner almost painfully, then suddenly she's puking all over my cat, who had apparently wandered in to see what all the moaning was about.

The cat flipped out and tried to run but I guess he had puke in his eyes because he ran into the wall then bolted back toward us, jumped on her head, ran across her back, up to my shoulder and finally back out the door. Me and Doggystyle chick both had vomit on us and my gf was laughin her ass off.


Be me guess. It falls under the question anyways.


See? My previous point exactly: truth IS stranger than fiction!



never before said, ever:

"As soon as I shove this hot poker in my ass, I'm going to chop my dick off!"
--the late, great George Carlin


rofl!!!!! rip