Never Had Abs...

Okay so after running a diet log for a couple of months I’ve decided to change over to this forum and a training log.

I have a pretty straightforward goal, get cut (or at least see some abs) in the next five weeks whilst maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.

Now I know five weeks is not a long time and I’m not expecting CT like results, but I have been slowly adapting my diet and training now since April and feel that I can really knuckle down and push myself.

Why five weeks? Because I go to Uni then and want to be cut for freshers… Shallow a goal it maybe but lets be honest, who doesn’t do tedious cardio with the fairer sex in mind?

My long term goals are a bit different as I want to get into power lifting, Dave Tate becoming one of my personal heros over the last few months. A lot of my training is strength based and I wont be doing much over 3 -5 reps for anything that isnt supporting.

Now the title of this log pretty much sums it all up for me and maybe might strike a chord or two with a few of you. I have always been the chubby boy at school. Now this has some up sides to it, I can pile on muscle mass with a bit of training and can keep it even on a calorie restricted diet pretty easily. Where most of my friends will lose strength within weeks of not training I tend to keep my gains. Of course the down side is that I have never been defined, ever. Well this is going to change!

Few stats for you, I weigh 17 stone 5 lbs or 243lbs
I am 5ft 11inches tall
my body fat is around 19%

Personal bests at the moment are

407 Box squat to parallel (think I can do better though)
440 Dead
286 Bench

My training split will be as such

Monday: AM Fasted Cardio. PM Lower Body Pressing
Tuesday: AM Fasted Cardio. PM Upper Body Pressing
Wednesday: AM Fasted HIIT Cardio PM: Weights Rest Day
Thursday: AM Fasted Cardio PM Lower Body Pressing
Friday: AM Fasted Cardio PM Upper Body Pressing
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Diet is split into six different meals most of them being liquid form.

Meal 1: PWO: 300ml of fat free milk
50g whey and casein
1 x banana

Meal 2: 300g Chicken
1 tbs olive oil
herbs spices
as much spinach as I can get in my face

Meal 3: Same as meal 2

Meal 4: PWO same as meal 1

Meal 5: 50g whey and casein with water

Meal 6: Same as meal 5 (taken before bed if starving hungry)

This works out at around about 2000 calories a day with 49 g carbs 354g protein and 45g fat.

I’ll be tweaking this around just to make sure it suits me, on the days when I feel like im going to collapse from lack of food I’ll up it a bit and on the days im not hungry at all I’ll scale it down.

Cheat days will not apply, I will have a refeed day though every second week just to get my insulin and leptin levels back to how they should be. I don’t really think cheat days work with me too well, I tend to cheat more and more and its a bad cycle to get into.

Okay so started by cycling down my carbs over the weekend preparing for the week, was fun not drinking alcohol but fuck it I have a whole freshers year for drinking, five weeks isnt going to hurt much!

Monday, did the bike ride little over an hour and a half, a great big fuck off hill in it which was fun. Didn’t die, think all the posterior chain training I have been doing is paying off!

Did lower body pressing on my own, warmed up and then scaled up to my MTW of 100kg for good mornings did

100kg x 3 x3
-5kg x3 x3
+2.5kg x3 x3
+2.5kg x3 x3
-5kg x3 x3

Then went on to deads same thing but started with 120kg

Tuesday did a 12 mile bike ride took 60 minutes, probably could of been faster but went with my mum!

Upper body pressing with a few of my friends (turned out a mistake)

Push press 60kg using the same pattern as above but with shrugs thrown in every other set.

Incline Bench at 70kg, same pattern with seated rows every other set

Flat bench at 80kg, same pattern with a few tricep pull downs when needed.

Then decided to do a fatigue set at the end of training session with just 50kg on the bar. This would turn out to be my undoing, at around about rep 13 my front delt and my pec decided to cramp up at the same time on my left side. I thought it was going to tear the tendon and my friends were just laughing at me saying I looked like I was about to cry… Bastards! Luckily nothing but pain and no enduring injury.


Hill sprints this morning, managed to do 2 sets of 5 over a track of about 50 meters at about 30ft incline. At my tenth I wanted to die so called it a day. Hopefully do more next time.

Lower body pressing today.

Built up to some good mornings
60kg for sets of three for warm up then whacked on 10kg for neural ramping until 100kg
100kg x3 x3
-5kg x 3 x3
+2.5 x3 x3
+2.5 x3 x3
-5kg x3 x3

straight into deads for 120kg same thing as above.

Skipped on the cardio today, woke up at 8am to do it and my legs were numb from yesterdays sprints. Hopefully just a few twinges from not doing cardio in so long!

Already seeing good results, trunk fat is going slowly.

Based out cardio yesterday morning

steep hill bike ride, 10 miles 60 minutes.

Monday: No cardio, bank holiday weekend felt like shit monday morning

Did drag my arse into the gym to do my upper body pressing. added 5kg weight to my totals and shoulder felt okay.

Tuesday: Did my hill bike ride, good fun, 700ft elevation and 9.5 miles took about an hour 20.

Did lower body pressing, skipped on the heavy deads as lower back was stiff, just stuck around 60kg and did higher reps, seemed to help stretch it all out. Did squats instead of goodmornings as back was hurting. Just 120kg at sets of 3, just did them until my arse was hurting.