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Never Go Full Strongman (or Bikini)


No Idea what that is but enjoy! Haha


Get better soon man!


@Koestrizer basically this. It’s like the greatest thing ever

@mr.v3lv3t Thanks man! A few beers & ibuprofin should have me right as rain lol

EDIT: the corn in that pic doesn’t look nearly spicy enough, haha.


damn that sucks. get better soon


Heal up quick man!


Thanks for the support @alex_yu & @duketheslaya , I really appreciate it! Had to take a little break, but I’m feeling much better now! Lots of topical essential oils & light activity.


Okay let’s try this again.

Deadlift A, cycle 1

325x8 (est 411)

Back work:
snatch-grip rows - 135x2x20

3x10 KB swings w/ 100lbs
3x10 kneeling ab wheel roll-outs

Just did some flow drills, no hard grappling.

Just going to go back to basics with some OG 531. Much longer hours & much more stress at work right now, but I can at least commit to the base 531 & sprinkle in some assistance work.

I refuse to use any 2.5lb plates though, so in my excell sheet I’m using the formula:
=((INT((Training Max*decimal percentage)/10))*10)+5

…it rounds everything to the nearest number ending in 5. Training maxes are of course going to still follow the 5/10, & I’m going to to the new deload.


I do the same thing with deadlifts and use MROUND(%*TM, 5) to round things to the nearest 5kg. Rounds to the nearest 5 and then for my other lifts I use 2.5 instead.


Dude it’s so much better. I used to use the mround function too, but since I’m doing it in lbs I always had weights like 180, 310, 360 etc which I loathed lol. It’s stupid, but it’s been a major turn-off for me regarding 531, and the solution was just a wee bit outside of the box.


I’ve noticed recently, especially with deadlifts, that I get lazy and only really use the percentages as guides. Like for deadlifts if I’m programmed 95/105/115kg or something I’ll usually just round it up or down to the nearest 10 apart from the top sets. It is a bit silly but I’d rather not spend an extra minute looking around for 2.5kg plates if I don’t have to.


Totally agree. The progression is still there, and unless you’re using calibrated plates lading down to 5lbs/2.5kg may not be an more accurate.


195x13 (est 279)

BB rows (superset w bench)

In & out of the gym in 10 minutes. I need to start sprinkling in some more assistance work throughout the day - dips, ab wheel, poor man’s ghr, curl & press, & pull-aparts


245x10 (est 327)

Power cleans
185 x 4,3,3,3

back raises, dips, & various rows

Did our flow drilling, the went four consecutive rounds grappling. The first two weren’t too taxing, I went against a young blue belt & then against my wife. Great for technique. Then I went all-out with a big white belt, & finished-off going with the instructor. I can use a lot of technique with the lower belts, but whenever I go against the instructor, he busts out with crazy stuff that I have no idea how to counter, so I pretty much strategically flail and muscle through whatever I can lol.


Your back pretty much back to 100% now?

I think this would be my only strategy…which would lead to me being unsuccessful.


I think so man, thanks for asking. I guess 100% is relative though, I’m like at 50% of my 20-year-old back. But for pushing 30 back, it feels pretty good lol.

Haha. Believe it or not it does translate to some success with lower skilled guys, & despite what a lot of people seem to say, strength & size is a huge asset even in BJJ. But when going up against someone whose skills are light years ahead, they know how to use your own strength against you.

I usually get one submission every time I roll with him. Always the first one. Which, now that I think about it, he probably let’s me get it to boost my morale, and so he can spend the rest of the round just manhandling me lol.