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Never Go Full Strongman (or Bikini)


No Idea what that is but enjoy! Haha


Get better soon man!


@Koestrizer basically this. It’s like the greatest thing ever

@mr.v3lv3t Thanks man! A few beers & ibuprofin should have me right as rain lol

EDIT: the corn in that pic doesn’t look nearly spicy enough, haha.


damn that sucks. get better soon


Heal up quick man!


Thanks for the support @alex_yu & @duketheslaya , I really appreciate it! Had to take a little break, but I’m feeling much better now! Lots of topical essential oils & light activity.


Okay let’s try this again.

Deadlift A, cycle 1

325x8 (est 411)

Back work:
snatch-grip rows - 135x2x20

3x10 KB swings w/ 100lbs
3x10 kneeling ab wheel roll-outs

Just did some flow drills, no hard grappling.

Just going to go back to basics with some OG 531. Much longer hours & much more stress at work right now, but I can at least commit to the base 531 & sprinkle in some assistance work.

I refuse to use any 2.5lb plates though, so in my excell sheet I’m using the formula:
=((INT((Training Max*decimal percentage)/10))*10)+5

…it rounds everything to the nearest number ending in 5. Training maxes are of course going to still follow the 5/10, & I’m going to to the new deload.


I do the same thing with deadlifts and use MROUND(%*TM, 5) to round things to the nearest 5kg. Rounds to the nearest 5 and then for my other lifts I use 2.5 instead.


Dude it’s so much better. I used to use the mround function too, but since I’m doing it in lbs I always had weights like 180, 310, 360 etc which I loathed lol. It’s stupid, but it’s been a major turn-off for me regarding 531, and the solution was just a wee bit outside of the box.


I’ve noticed recently, especially with deadlifts, that I get lazy and only really use the percentages as guides. Like for deadlifts if I’m programmed 95/105/115kg or something I’ll usually just round it up or down to the nearest 10 apart from the top sets. It is a bit silly but I’d rather not spend an extra minute looking around for 2.5kg plates if I don’t have to.


Totally agree. The progression is still there, and unless you’re using calibrated plates lading down to 5lbs/2.5kg may not be an more accurate.


195x13 (est 279)

BB rows (superset w bench)

In & out of the gym in 10 minutes. I need to start sprinkling in some more assistance work throughout the day - dips, ab wheel, poor man’s ghr, curl & press, & pull-aparts


245x10 (est 327)

Power cleans
185 x 4,3,3,3

back raises, dips, & various rows

Did our flow drilling, the went four consecutive rounds grappling. The first two weren’t too taxing, I went against a young blue belt & then against my wife. Great for technique. Then I went all-out with a big white belt, & finished-off going with the instructor. I can use a lot of technique with the lower belts, but whenever I go against the instructor, he busts out with crazy stuff that I have no idea how to counter, so I pretty much strategically flail and muscle through whatever I can lol.


Your back pretty much back to 100% now?

I think this would be my only strategy…which would lead to me being unsuccessful.


I think so man, thanks for asking. I guess 100% is relative though, I’m like at 50% of my 20-year-old back. But for pushing 30 back, it feels pretty good lol.

Haha. Believe it or not it does translate to some success with lower skilled guys, & despite what a lot of people seem to say, strength & size is a huge asset even in BJJ. But when going up against someone whose skills are light years ahead, they know how to use your own strength against you.

I usually get one submission every time I roll with him. Always the first one. Which, now that I think about it, he probably let’s me get it to boost my morale, and so he can spend the rest of the round just manhandling me lol.


Where’d I leave off?

Press Cycle 1, 5s week -
125x8 (est 158)
95 x 20 total reps

DB bench, cable rows, & some 53lb 1 arm swings

BJJ - went like 4 or 5 rounds. My conditioning for this is getting SO much better.

Bench - Cycle 1, 3s week

215x8 (est 272)
165x13, 6-8, 3-4 (rest-pause)

25-50 neutral chins
25-50 high-incline db bench
21-15-9 KB swing with the 100lb bell

BJJ - Really enjoying grappling right now that can shoot for some legit submissions & I’m not dry heaving after. I went 5 rounds with only 1 break in-between.

I’m missing my strongman training, but am really enjoying pushing the BJJ


Hey mate, how is everything going? I hope you are alright and training is going good.


Hey homie! Yeah man thing are going well. I’ve been a lot busier with work, social activities, & other hobbies. And in all honesty my man, I’m just not as interested in posting as I used to be. I’m taking a photography class with a Nat Geo contributor in a couple week & im pretty jazzed about that lol.

I stripped weight training down to 2x/week, 1 upper and 1 lower - pretty much following the 531 reloaded plan. I also realized that there are thousands of smooth black rocks next to my house on the bay so I’m looking to hit those 1x week for loading and carrying. That plus bjj 2x/week and I feel like I have a great balance of life and training.

I hope all is well with you man!


That sounds great man! I am glad you are enjoying your other hobbies and find happiness in those activities.
The photography class sounds interesting, not that I would know the slightest thing about photography.

Yes, all is well. I have hit some PRs, body is in resonably good shape and I have had kind of a business trip which I enjoyed and which may become important for my future career. I am also close to my first contest for this session. Thanks for asking.
All the best!


Hell man I didn’t either.

Hope the comp went well man, glad to see you kicking ass.