Never Forget 09/11/01

This is dedicated to the people who lost their lives this day 8 years ago in Washington, New York, and Shanksville, PA. May their families cherish all their memories of the fallen.

May we never forget…

Remember… and move forward, fearless.

I can’t believe it’s already been 8 years, seems like just yesterday, damn.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Remember… and move forward, fearless.[/quote]

Quoted for emphasis. I can say for sure I will not be turning on any News networks today.

A day I will never forget.

[quote]SSC wrote:
I will not be turning on any News networks today.[/quote]

dam straight SSC.

Why wouldn’t you turn on any news networkds?

God Bless America

Please guys, don’t turn this into a debate thread.

We Will Never Forget

[quote]polo77j wrote:
Why wouldn’t you turn on any news networkds?[/quote]

I’ve simply had enough of it over the past 8 years, just like beating a dead horse.


8 years of standing tall and proud to be an American.

I hear ya Doug. There is no need to politicize 9/11. The people that lost their lives on that day were friends, dads, moms, sisters, and brothers. 3000 people lost their lives and each one of them deserves to be remembered. It was a horrible day and for either political party to use the memory of 9/11 for political gain is dispicable.

I will personally always remember 9/11 and the anger it made me feel. I’ll always remember the fear it caused me to feel. I’ll also always remember that the people that caused that tragedy are doing their best to cause another tragedy on free countries throughout the world, but America in particular because we have more feedom and more liberty than any other country in the world.

For me this is a day of rememberance and also a day of appreciation for all the people that gave their lives to help the victems of that terrorist attack.

I hope they build a new pair of twin towers on ground zero, BIGGER than before.

Definitely took a moment of silence this morning for the victims, friends, and family, many are suffering still and they deserve our sympathy and our strength. Stay strong brothers!!

I agree, there is no need to politicize this.

Let us simply respect those that we lost today, eight years ago. May they rest in peace.

Was out on my bike today and saw this guy waving an American flag on the overpass. He’s been out there all day and says he’ll do it 'til “he’s 100”.

God Bless America.

Remembering the fallen today…