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Never Ending Story

So there I was, minding my own business


(keep it under a paragraph, or even to a partial sentence)



Fuck the Pope



ever smelt

walked into CT’s gym

Note: I was going to put, “walked into Kerley’s bedroom” but I wanted to keep the story open without it ending too early with Kerley fapping to said ghey.

right behind Kerley.

while sporting a chub

and playing a banjo he grinned, showing off his fancy tooth.

When suddenly, a vortex opened twirling between them pulling both Kerley and Big Ghey into it before twinkling out of existence again. As they twisted and turned down a blinding event horizon…kerley felt something in his ass…

he suddenly turned around and saw a…

vampire sparkling in the sunlight bathed in rainbows.

Fedor Emelianenko. He had that same stoic expression on his face that he has just after pummelling his opponents into submission.

This was when reality as we know it ended and Kirley, Big Ghey and…uh…Fedor Emelianenko suddenly turned into Rosie O’donnel, Jay Leno and Lindsey Lohan respectively as they landed smack dab in the middle of OJ Simpson’s living room.

Lindsey deep throated for blow, leno was happy

But Fedor, having transformed from a bad ass to a fat, ugly, miserable bitch felt…

like taking a shit