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Never Ending Quest for Knowledge

Hi, i am a young personal trainer who has 6 years practical experiance and countless many other years as a kid whose father was a pioneer in the industry in my hometown. I was just wanting to get some info from some of the most informed people out there on ways to stay ahead of the game, or on top of it at least. Any recommened reading that might be of interest to someone that is looking to learn more, and more, and more…

Waterbury, Simmons, Poliquin & Thibaudeau…you can learn a ton by studying everything that these guys have written.

Frederic Delavier’s ‘Strength Training Anatomy’ is a good book to have onhand as a reference.

Mel Siff’s ‘Supertraining’ & Vlad Zatsiorsky’s ‘Science and Practice of Strength Training’ are pretty much the two ‘bibles’ of current training philosophies. Both are pretty dry reading though.