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Never Ending Music Thread


I will be posting everything from metal to dub step. Staring with black sabbath. I know some of this shit i post will seem like faggotry to some of you guys but fuck it. You guys can chime in if you want. Once I find all the songs that sound good to me. Ill post the links all at once so it would be less filler.


Black sabbath - Warning


Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf


Mt Eden Dubstep (HD) - Beautiful Lies

I know this song is pure fagorty to some of you but fuck it. enjoy bitches. and join my cult


Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi




Show Me Your Genitals


Bushwick Bill - Who's The Biggest


Bushwick Bill-Little Big Man


Bushwick Bill-Call Me Crazy


Mos Def - I Against I


Bongzilla - 666lb. Bongsession


Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech


Wax Goes Bananas at the Crib


lol that bushwick bill album cover is wiggedy wack


You can't discuss Sabbath without including Ronnie James Dio. Those albums were more powerful than the Ozzy-fronted records, and Dio contributed more creatively than Ozzy ever did. Besides, Dio was probably one of the best metal vocalists of all time. Period.


Oh shit! You did not do that (runs and hides)



Okay.. I may have over-reacted.... but not by much.


Paranoid 10x > Heaven and Hell


Dehumanizer 10X > Paranoid