Never Ending Cycle with Mag 10?

In the “Never Ending Cycle” article, Bill proposed that one could go on a limitless cycle of 100mg of 4-ad. my question is since 4-ad is not available anymore…can the same effect be achieved by taking 100mg(2 pills) of mag10 a day?

Bump…I’d be interested as well.

Interested am I.

I remember I think Shugs talking about T staff taking mag10 at 8 pills everyother day for extended periods or something like that. Hopefully someone can find that thread because I can’t.

What about the 1-test in Mag-10???

I could see taking small doses of 4-ad on a long (indefinite?) cycle, but doesn’t 1-test shut you down pretty hard?

I would do some very serious research about 1-test before I started THAT never ending cycle. I’ve heard of people doing that with 4-ad, but I’ve never heard of it with 1-test.

In any case, Mag-10 isn’t going to be available much longer…couldn’t really cycle that indefinitely, I don’t think.

the A1-E binds to the androgen receptor and thus would not be good for a never ending cycle, because you will get testicular shutdown and the longer the cycle the longer it would take you to recover your endocrine system. if i recall correctly wasn’t the 4-ad supposed to be taken with something like M which also blocks estrogen. i think that it also played a role. laters pk